The Importance of a Daily Routine.

Hello everyone! How are you this week? Today is Thursday and I’ve just been at Uni, now I am sitting writing this blog. I have to do some yoga and make lunch and go to work. What are you up to today?

Today, I want to talk about the importance of a daily/ weekly routine. Routine is something very important to me and I love my daily tasks and ticking off my to-do list. Am I the only one? It’s the only way (in my opinion) to ensure I get everything done in the week.

I was listening to a podcast last week and a Buddhist monk was talking about the importance of discipline and routine to get to where you want to be. It is needed for every aspect of life. Whether that’s Uni, work, exercise, health, nutrition, sleep. You NEED a routine to consistently stick to these things in order to make a difference. We all know the importance of consistency. It really is fundamental.

The Buddhist monk suggested that routine and discipline is where true peace lies. He suggested that happiness or peace wasn’t in escapisms or holidays but every-day life. It all depends on how you view life and your mindset around your daily life. Choose to see the best in everything. Even when things are hard, you are benefiting from the experience, it is giving you space to grow from difficulty, emotion and experience. I am grateful for the negative experiences in my life.

Anyway, back to the routine. Do you have a weekly routine? Do you run a tight ship or just go with the flow? Whatever works for you is best. Do what makes sense to you.

My week’s at the moment consists of Uni work, swimming, the gym, yoga, cooking, eating, watching Netflix, shopping, blog post, podcast episode, reading and spending time with friends, family and Jacob. I like it. I like my routine and getting things done, being productive. It makes me feel good to work every-day towards something that will benefit me now or later, whether that be relationships, my degree, my career, my mental wellness, fitness or health. I actually miss my little routine when I get out of the spin of things for whatever reason. I try to be very disciplined about my routine but of course some days it just doesn’t happen. Guess what? That is totally okay 🙂

I uploaded a podcast a couple weeks back about this topic. Give it a listen if you would like some inspiration to create your own, personalised routine!

Create a routine that allows you to:

  1. Do things you need to do – shopping, work, uni.
  2. Do things you want to do.
  3. Do things that help you grow and flourish as a human – yoga, career, side hustle.

It is important that you remember mental wellness, happiness and enjoyment of life comes first over everything. I think a lot of enjoyment comes from your mindset of what might be happening and how you feel. You control your environment and what you allow it to make you feel and react.

Make sure your routine and daily task is realistic. I used to put far too many things on my list every-day and I never manage to get it all done. It left me feeling unproductive even if I had done so many things that day. Start small and accomplish a few things at a time.

It’s the perfect excuse to go out and buy a nice planner ;).

I hope you all are having a great day. Remember you chose how today goes and today is a GOOD day!

Thank you all for reading.

Last week’s podcast episode:

Mairi :))

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