Learning and Loving How to be Present.

Hello everyone! How has your week been? Above are some pictures Jacob took of me on his new camera. I thought you might like to see them. They were taken in North Queensferry, just under the Forth Road bridge and rail bridge. Jacob’s pictures are beautiful and this is only the beginning of his photography journey. I suppose I am the test subject!

Something I’ve been focusing on recently is slowing down and trying to be present within each moment. I talked a little bit about this on this week’s podcast along with some other interesting concepts I have been working on. The link to listen will be at the end of the blog – make sure to listen to it if you are interested!

I seem to be consistently working on the next thing all the time. I am very busy and always working on a new project, podcast or blog. It is easy for us all to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern society and lose a sense of what it really means to be human.

In today’s world, I believe we use and abuse substances and people for an escapism, for a relief from our normal, mundane lives. This only dims us, keeps our energy at a lower frequency than it could be. I believe the true state of peace and mindfulness is when we are healthy and treat our bodies and minds kindly. I truly believe that all we need is within us. We don’t need any object or person that is external to us to create happiness and peace. That is only something we can do for ourselves.

You might think that we live a long time and that what we do now won’t impact our lives in the long run, or at least not have a lasting effect. I think every second counts. We are here for 90-100 years if we are very very lucky. That’s a long time. Is it long enough to experience everything? Every emotion, feeling, sight, place, connection?

The world is filled with beauty – within us, within nature, within food, within emotion, within connection. Every second that goes by is a chance to experience that beauty. To experience humanity.

As soon as we aren’t present in the moment, we lose it, we miss it and we don’t experience. Slowing down and becoming more present opens us up to more. Being authentically, unapologetically YOU is a gift that will never cease to give.

What does it actually mean to be present? I think everyone has a different opinion of this concept and rightly so. I believe it to be nourishment, fulfilment, openness, vulnerability, emotion. It is the human existence that isn’t clouded by substance or buried as unfelt emotion. Being present is embracing the vulnerability and the emotion and uses it to enrich our minds and teach us lessons. Being present within the moment is nourishing your mind and body and feeling the undeniable benefits of mental and physical wellness.

Being present is challenging, particularly when it requires you to be present within pain and suffering. These times are the most rewarding that brings the most clarity and understanding. Although challenging, presence in the moment is something that will enrich your life beyond your limits of imagination.

Meditation and journaling help greatly with this idea of slowing down and becoming present within these moments.

Above all, becoming present and slowing life down allows you to appreciate life as you live it, it allows you to be grateful and thankful. It makes you feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment. It shifts your mindset from negative emotion to feelings of gratefulness, contentment, acceptance and nourishment.

My journey to becoming more present is far from over. It is something I will continuously work on for the rest of my life. A journey I am willing and happy to embark on as I know this lifestyle brings greatness within the challenge.

I hope you can find peace and happiness within your life.

As always, thank you for reading,


This week’s podcast link:

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