How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions!

A LOT of the New Year’s Resolutions we hear is to do with health and well-being, right? It is on the majority of people’s agendas to be healthier and fitter to some extent. It is the same every year! Why can’t we stick to our goals? Why can’t you sustain them?

There is a few explanations to this conundrum:

  1. You don’t actually care about being healthier, it is merely something you feel should change. YOU MUST make resolutions that you are actually passionate about and that you really want to change. Making a goal just to fail is incredibly destructive and above all, pointless.
  2. You are being unrealistic. Setting the bar too high only leads to discouragement and ultimately, failure. Make your resolution realistic and ensure there is a plan on how you are going to get there. As we have all heard before “A goal is just a wish without a plan.”
  3. You are making resolutions to impress others or to satisfy someone other than you. You MUST be true to who you are at ALL TIMES. People will never feel attracted or close to someone that isn’t comfortable being who they are. You must ensure you are doing things and living a life that supports your happiness and your goals, NO ONE ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU.

I believe New Year is the perfect time for change and growth. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and therefore understand what we enjoyed, what we hated. This naturally brings about a motivation to change, positively and effectively. It gives us a fresh canvas, take advantage of that.

It is SO important to reflect upon experiences, feelings and situations that you have had, make sense of them, feel them, learn and move on. New Year is the perfect time for this, stereotypical, I know. I would HIGHLY recommend that you sit down somewhere, with a notebook and pen and REFLECT.

Write about what you enjoyed in this year, write about what made you angry, sad, depressed, happy. Write about what you feel has to change in your life. Write about all of the things that you would like to achieve. Pick a couple and describe how you will get there and make sure it is realistic, NOT overwhelming.

Use it as a positive space for you, to make sense of your life and think about how you can make it better. It is such a positive and important thing in looking after you. Let’s start 2020, and this new decade, positively and with an incredible amount of love for you. The single most important thing in your life.

Change is GREAT, and above all a necessity. Let’s make this change positive in your life and let’s do it now. There is no better time that NOW.

So, how do i make sustainable goals?

  • Start small. A sense of achievement is essential in reaching goals. You must appreciate how incredible you are. This is made easy by making small, achievable goals. Make sure and celebrate every victory. An example. Maybe you want to start exercising? A goal for you may simply be trying an exercise/a class once and discovering how you feel about it. Did you enjoy it? Is that not for you? If you didn’t enjoy it, keep trying new things until you find one that you enjoy.

Really think about what you are passionate about or want to change and JUST DO IT. You will be forever grateful that you took the risk and did it for yourself.

Think if you start now, in this New Year, next year you will have reached all these goals and more! You can do ANYTHING.

2020 IS YOUR YEAR!!!

Thank you for reading. Follow for more 🙂

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