How to Get the Body of your Dreams!

Everyone wants the perfect body, right? Everyone wants to be undeniably beautiful, right??

What you’re doing wrong:

  1. Believing that the “perfect body” exists.
  2. Believing that a thinner you would be better or beautiful or solve the inner turmoil that you experience.
  3. Eating in a way that is destructive to your mind and body.
  4. Not moving or challenging your body.

Okay, so let’s have a bit of a reality check, we all need one!

  • We are all different. There is no one that looks, is the same or even similar to another. Yet we continuously are all working and trying to look the same and ACTUALLY believing that it will happen. The single most important thing that we have to understand is that no matter what you do, no matter how you do it, you will never, ever be or look like someone else. You are you! How absolutely amazing is that!!
  • The perfect body DOES EXIST – to a certain extent. The perfect body is individual to you and only you. The perfect body is one that is healthy, happy and thriving. REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. Beauty has no size. Health and happiness have no specific look or composition. A healthy you is the perfect you, it’s more satisfying than any of this.
  • Thin certainly doesn’t mean healthy, not even in the slightest. In no aspect is overweight or obesity healthy. However, the conventional view of thin is not always most beneficial for health.
  • You will never be happy or healthy while feeding your body in a way that is destructive. Full stop, end of. In my opinion, it makes no sense how an individual can have a positive mind set, practice self-love, yet fuels their body with food that causes disease. Those things do not work together.
  • Exercise is fun, invigorating and enjoyable – why wouldn’t you practice it?? It’s necessary for a healthy life.

The REAL and only way to the body of your dreams is through:

  • Listening to your emotions.
  • Eating to fuel your body NOT to destroy it.
  • Moving because it’s necessary and because it produces the best you.
  • Loving who you are and what you look like at all stages because NO ONE looks like you and that is an incredible gift and by not doing so you are being destructive towards you and your own goals and life.
  • By treating yourself with respect and kindness.

Striving for something, wanting so badly to be someone else, to look like someone else you are ignoring what is happening within you. You don’t want to be like anyone else, you are amazing! You are in denial about a pain that you feel totally unrelated to the way you look. Majority of body confidence and self-esteem issues are distractions from something else, something bigger than the way you look. Why do you feel not worthy, not good enough to be you? Listen to your inner thoughts. Figure out why you feel this destructive and horrific way about yourself. You don’t deserve to deal with that type of pain.

Doing all of these things, being grateful for who you are, what you have, what you look like, eating and exercising for you not against you, will bring you another type of happiness, one you have never experienced before. A love for yourself that will totally and utterly change your life.

The real answer to the ultimate question that is: “how to get the body of my dreams?” is within you, is internal and personal to you. The answer isn’t in the diets, the scams, the restriction, it is in your mind, the resolution of a deep pain within you. The saviour in your life is YOU, believing that you are everything you need and everything you want to be. You don’t need anyone or anything else to validate you and make you feel beautiful.

You are incredible and have the ability to be, do anything in this world. Don’t take my word for it, its time you prove it to yourself.

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