The Importance of Self-Love!

“The regard for ones well-being and happiness.”

I believe that self-love is misunderstood and become a bit of a ‘trend’ if you will. Loving yourself and living a life completely to benefit you is actually pretty difficult, especially in this day and age. I believe self love takes two forms: emotionally and physically. You have to take care of all the different aspects of you.

Emotionally, you have to LISTEN to yourself and understand how you feel and this can be a hard concept to come to terms with. Feeling sad, angry, disappointed or hurt are all incredibly complex emotions and its much easier to brush it off and pretend it isn’t happening. Doing this is SO destructive, in every way and can actually hold you back in life, more ways than one. Pushing down and ignoring your emotions have been linked and can cause addictions and distractions and even disease! Take the time to understand you and how you feel. You are the most important person in your life.

Physically, you have to take care of your body. Your body needs exercise, nutritious food, sleep, hydration, time to rest, time to move and time to enjoy! Without at least one of these things you are depriving yourself of something incredibly important not only physically but mentally too. Not eating for your body, putting off exercise or ignoring what you need is actually a form of self harm and self destruction. It is inhibiting you from being happy and thriving in life.

In reality, self-love is so much more than what you think. Its hard and sometimes unenjoyable. We aren’t made to do nothing. We were made to make real differences in the world. One human can and is capable of unimaginable things. There is no limit to what we can do, alone and together.

We have succumbed to a life that is full of indulgence and gluttony. We aren’t made for this. We have a functioning and powerful body, made to move and to be challenged. We have a brain capable of, i mean ANYTHING. We aren’t made to be slaves and robots to money and work. We aren’t made to be normal and certainly not sedentary. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. No matter what that is no matter what you are passionate about. Peruse it!

That is the true meaning of self- love. Becoming aware of your capabilities as a human being and as a individual. Finding your true passion and living a life of joy, doing what you love. Taking care of your body and your mind and listening to you and your emotions. Understanding that you are CAPABLE of whatever you want, however you want it. Understanding that YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!

This must change. We aren’t here for this. Change your life today and start NOW. This isn’t a practise life. This is it. One shot at life, one shot at happiness.

There truly is no way to be happy or healthy while continuously doing things and living a life that is destructive to your mind and body. True and honest self-love is the ONLY way to a happy, successful life.

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