Comparing yourself to others!

Something that is totally natural and normal but also incredibly destructive. In today’s society we are bombarded by images every day of people who look seemingly perfect. Social media in a way, is a constant subconscious reminder of our insecurities which leads to inevitable feelings of self-hatred. Something that may be causing much more harm in your life than you realise.

We are ALWAYS on social media, I am included in this! It’s important to understand the psychological dangers of social media and what impact this has on your life.

I don’t think that social media is a bad thing. It is an incredible outlet of information which has the ability to reach millions of people. It can be used for incredible things and I certainty don’t think it should be eradicated.

However, realising when enough is enough is important. For me, looking at pictures of edited and posed women for hours on end doesn’t do much for my mental health and it won’t help you either! It can leave you feeling unworthy and down about your body and the way it looks, for no reason. There was no problem before you picked up the phone! Majority of people that look so good on Instagram don’t look like that in real life and have used Photoshop to edit their body. All of them use it!

How can we stop the dangers of social media and use it for good??

  1. Unfollow people that you feel envious of or that make you feel bad about yourself.
  2. Follow people that show their insecurities and their aim is to empower people. These people make you feel beautiful and NORMAL! @chessiekingg is one of them.
  3. Stop going on your phone so much. Try reading or writing or exercising! Something you enjoy.

In our busy and never-ending lives we seriously NEVER stop. Even when we are doing “nothing” this means sitting on social media or some sort of distraction. It is important to actually do nothing. Sit down and do nothing. Breathe, listen to the sounds around you and feel it. Even if it’s just for 3 minutes a day, you will go on to feel so much better and calmer. Try it!

No matter what you see on Instagram or any other platform remember that you are beautiful, and you don’t need to look like anyone else to be beautiful. Love who you are, love what is unique to you and you will radiate beauty and confidence.

Loving you is one of the most important things in this world. Feeling unworthy or not good enough can stop you from a world of opportunity and you wouldn’t even know it. You are everything you need, everything you want, and you are BEAUTIFUL.

Beauty will never be one specific thing. It’s a feeling, it’s something that radiates from someone that loves who they are and knows exactly how amazing they are. You are that person! There’s nothing stopping you.

Unfollow those people, stop using your phone to pass time and work on you for you. You will feel and be so much happier.

Thank you for reading! Follow for more 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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