The World is Opening Up Again!

In Scotland, the world is finally opening up. I know I’ve been missing lots of things. COVID has put a spanner in the works for many, for everyone. Let’s hope this previous lockdown will be the last. I want to take a moment and feel gratitude for my health, and for your health. I hope this pandemic hasn’t impacted you in ways it has many. I hope you are happy and well. Who knows how long this will last? Let’s pray the end is soon and that many other parts of the world will be close to beating this virus. I know many are much worse off than us.

In a world where everything seemed certain, if COVID has taught us one thing; never take anything or anyone for granted. To stop living negatively, in hatred as we never know what might happen and what might be taken from us.

Now, that being said. Everyone seems excited for this reopening. We cannot ignore that many may be afraid or worried about the new world we are to re-invite into our lives. There is a mixture of emotions when considering going back to normality. Will it be the same as before? Will this change the world forever?

I am glad to be out of lockdown. How do you feel?

I’m getting back to my swimming training and to the gym. I’ve very luckily been working throughout the pandemic so this opening hasn’t made a difference to that. I am enjoying getting back to training and challenging my body again in a positive and healthy way.

A reminder that no matter what you are getting back to after a long needed and deserved break now is the time to take it slow and steady. There is no rush to be the exact same as you were pre-pandemic, in anything. The most likely answer is that you will not be as good or the same. This is expected!

I know that it’s taken a few days to get back in the swing of things training wise and it will most likely take a few weeks/months to return to my usual capacity.

Whatever it may be. I hope you’re nothing but excited and happy about this advancement. However, if you’re not, that is more than expected.

Don’t put any pressure on yourself now or ever. Take this on your own time and relax. This is a good thing!

Thank you very much for reading!

Mairi xx

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