Cocaine vs Refined Sugar

We all know the dangers of cocaine and that we shouldn’t touch the stuff but how did we come to know this and what are the parallels in today’s society??

In the early 1900s cocaine was used in medicine as a numbing agent and anesthetic It was also in the very famous drink Coca Cola. Cocaine addiction was overwhelming at this time. The impacts of cocaine on the body and brain were unknown and understudied. Therefore, people consumed it, even doctors used it, injected it into their patients.

During this time cocaine consumption was socially accepted and could be obtained from the local chemist or street salesperson. Today, thinking of times like this is crazy! Getting cocaine from the local chemist??

Yes, this was over 100 years ago. We learned that cocaine is a highly addictive substance – one of the most addictive substances we know of today and it is not used for medicine or in drinks.

It makes me wonder… What substances are we consuming today, willingly, that is highly addictive or has many adverse effects on our health?

I mean I can think of a few. There is probably an abundance of substances we use today in medicine and in our foods that are killing us. Okay I KNOW there are. Refined sugar is one.

Refined sugar has been linked to having similar effects on the body and brain then that of cocaine. It’s a big deal that comparison between these substances can be made in the first place. Of course, this is not proven. However, there are many studies to suggest merit behind this statement.

If refined sugar IS as addictive as cocaine. That is a real problem. We would be no better off than we were over a hundred years ago. We consumed cocaine regularly, similar to the consumption of refined sugar. Yet, we consume MORE refined sugar today than we would cocaine a hundred years ago.

Refined sugar consumption and its affects is explored but not nearly enough and not nearly to the rate at which we consume it.

Let me tell you my theory. I think refined sugar is a highly addictive substance, causing our obesity epidemic and driving food addiction through escapism from our mental suffering via the dopamine release it ensures.

This isn’t the full story, that is clear. It is MULTIFACETED. I do think that this is a big piece of the puzzle and that we should all be very wary of refined sugar, how much we are consuming and how it makes us feel.

In years to come refined sugar may make its way into the known addictive substances category and hopefully be viewed as destructive as cocaine.

Short but sweet 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Mairi x

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