How to Defeat your Sugar Addiction

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This is a controversial topic and I thought id start by acknowledging that it hasn’t been proven yet, that refined sugar is (as a substance) addictive. It takes a long time, with a full body of evidence to prove something of this magnitude. Especially when it provides millions for the government. There is more than enough evidence to convince me that refined sugar is highly addictive. Quite frankly, it’ll be too late by the time it’s been scientifically proven. I wouldn’t wait a minute longer.

So, how the hell do you break it? Not crave sugary foods? I get it, it’s hard. Trust me I have been there. The consumption of refined sugar releases dopamine (reward hormone). It feels great and tastes great. It only provides energy for a very short period of time. Your energy levels will drop and you’ll feel fatigued and weak. Sugar consumption will aid this, so we eat it again. The destructive cycle never ends. Unless you break it. This will lead to an abundance of issues for your body including: weight gain, inflammation (this causes disease overtime), insulin resistance, metabolic issues, hunger, cravings. The list goes on.

We don’t need to consume sugar, we’re totally fine without it. A million times better.

What happens when you stop consuming refined sugars? (chocolate, crisps, processed foods, sweets etc) Not natural sugar, we love natural sugars (fruit, honey, maple syrup, vegetables).

  1. Your energy will stabilise, you’ll feel energised all day.
  2. Your desire for sugary foods will become next to nothing overtime.
  3. Your health will undoubtedly improve.
  4. Your skin will look brighter and improved.
  5. Weight loss
  6. Decreased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease…
  7. Cravings and undeniable need to consume sugar will disappear.
  8. Body composition will improve.
  9. Self esteem improved.

I could go on forever..

All of these things happened to me. I haven’t consumed refined sugar in any form for over 2 years now. It has been influential in my life and changed the game for my health, physically and mentally. I want you to feel this too.

I wish I could communicate to you how easy it is once you get into it. Yes, the first couple of weeks, months, (very dependant on how much refined sugar you consume now) you do have to concentrate on not eating it. After that stage you will not care for sugar and it won’t taste like it did before.

Your taste buds actually change. Bitter foods become enjoyable – so many people can’t understand how I enjoy the foods I eat. My taste buds appreciate nourishing food. Not man-made foods created to have such an intense flavour, you literally can’t say no. It all changes when you stop putting this poison into your body. I promise you.

Refined sugar free does NOT mean an end to desserts or sweet tasting foods. I have made countless refined sugar free desserts. Here’s a few..

  1. Start Slow

Understand that this is an addictive substance and it’s not a lack of self control. Your brain is literally programmed to love this stuff. Take it easy on yourself. Awareness is your power. Get to know the dangers of refined sugar consumption (your doing it right now ;)). Understand how it impacts you, how does it make you feel? Does it control you?

2. Try some sugar free recipes

You’ll be surprised how good they are. You’ll soon realise that you don’t need it. Refined sugar free life is BETTER.

3. Substitute sugar

You can use maple syrup, honey, agave nectar – make sure its good quality. Always read the ingredients.

4. Its easier than you think

Keep reminding yourself of this. The instant gratification from refined sugar is not worth your health. It’s just not.

Good Luck!

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