It’s Been a While (10/11/22)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all doing well. It has been a while since I posted a blog post and to be honest, I have just been SO busy and at the end of the day I run out of time to write one. Let’s look on the bright side – there’s lots of updates and pictures!

So, what’s been happening? Well as you all know I started my PhD (probably around 5 weeks ago now), it’s going great, stressful but great. I have also been picking up so many clients within the past few months for personal training and nutrition. Which again, is fantastic! I love my split PhD and business life. Every day looks different, and I like that. I think I would get bored only doing one thing all day every day.

I am currently writing this blog post at the gym. I have two shifts today and lots of PT clients as well as some training for my PhD which is online. My day started at 6am this morning and will be complete around 8pm tonight – pray for me! I need coffee!

Apart from all of that, Halloween happened as well as Jacob and I’s two-year anniversary. We kind of have a Halloween tradition on our anniversary as it’s so close to Halloween (26th). We went to get pumpkins and had a coffee outside around a fire at a little organic farm shop that we love. We went for a walk and then came home to carve our pumpkins.

Check out my Instagram or TikTok for more videos of our pumpkins @mairihgardner (Instagram) and @mairigardner57 (TikTok).

Every year at Halloween, we carve pumpkins and try to make use of the pumpkin guts. We try to eliminate as much food waste as possible. This year we made pumpkin cake, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin, carrot, and lentil soup. It was probably the first year where we made food from the guts that was actually good! The pumpkin cake was especially good (of course it was refined sugar free!).

I have been discussing lots of interesting topics over on my podcast recently including brain health, meal replacements, protein shakes and pre-workout, tracking calories and macros and ‘forest bathing’. I will hopefully be releasing a podcast this week on coffee. Please do follow my podcast on Spotify, apple podcasts or wherever you listen. It helps me out so much.

What have you been up to the past couple of weeks? It’s been busy for me. To be honest, there is not much more to it that work, work, work. I can imagine you will have been the same. I have been neglecting journaling and meditating so much recently and MUST get back into the swing of things ASAP.

I hope you all don’t have as long a day as me and if you do, let’s smash it!

Thank you all for reading my quick update.

Now, it’s time for another client!

Thank you for reading,


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