Healthy Vegan Comfort Food – Creamy Tomato Pasta in 20 Minutes!

Hello everyone. Today, I want to share with you a recipe that I’ve been working on – vegan creamy, tomato pasta! I am telling you this recipe is nutritious and very delicious.

This pasta takes under twenty minutes to make!


  • Whole wheat pasta
  • One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • One red onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Sprinkle of chilli flakes
  • Black pepper
  • Teaspoon of stock
  • One bottle of Tomato passata (400g)
  • Oregano (teaspoon)
  • Cashews (75g)
  • Water (to cover the cashews

Step 1

Add olive oil to the pan, slice the onion and add to the pan on a low heat.

Step 2

Add the stock and garlic to the pan once the onion has cooked for five minutes.

Step 3

Add the black pepper and chilli flakes and stir, leave for one minute. Add the passata (add some water into the bottle, shake and add in too) and oregano to the pan and stir. Bring to a simmer and leave to cook for 10-15 minutes on a low heat. Put the pasta on to cook (it will take roughly 10 minutes).

Step 4

Measure out 75g of cashews and add just enough water to cover the cashews, add in a little more stock or some salt. Blend for one minute until smooth (see above).

Step 5

Once the tomato sauce has been cooking for 10-15 minutes, turn off the heat and add the cashew mixture, stir well. Taste the sauce to see if it needs anything. You can add fresh herbs here too (like parsley or basil).

Step 6

Keep some of the pasta water in the cashew blender. Drain the pasta and add to the creamy sauce. You will probably need to add some of the pasta water to get the right consistency, but maybe not, stir first and add later.

Step 7

There we have it! Serve with your favourite veggies or just eat straight from the pan! I know you’ll love this delicious pasta recipe.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know if you try out this recipe!

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