Challenging What Is Comfortable.

Hello my beautiful people. Today, I want to talk about challenging what’s comfortable, challenging what’s normal. We live our lives based on what’s normal to us, based on what we have been told by our family, friends, and society. We rarely challenge the actions that we practise daily. Considering our current society, we could probably do hundreds of things differently, for the better.

I hate the idea that different is wrong or worse than the ‘normal’ way of doing things or living. That ideology is fundamentally flawed. Every single one of us are completely different, yet we are expected to do everything the same way. How does that make any logical sense? Our society sets us up for failure. Take school for example, not everyone is good at retaining information or sitting exams. These methods of learning say nothing about the intellect of a person or their talents or capabilities. It is ridiculous to suggest so. We condemn people to labels based upon whether or not they can sit an exam successfully. There is no logic in that. We must appreciate the complexities of the human brain and how that differs from person to person. Every single person on this planet is limited because of this idea. I want to propose to you to forget about societal standards and norms. It only takes five minutes to see it is based on ideologies that are completely illogical.

In my own small way, I am challenging societies standards on women to wear make-up. I have decided to start a no makeup journey. I’m quitting makeup cold turkey! Here’s why:

  1. It’s full of chemicals.

Makeup has countless chemicals in it that really shouldn’t be going on our skin. Pain is beauty and all that, right? Wrong. Society has made us feel as though we must cover up to look beautiful and that couldn’t be more wrong. Natural beauty is everything we need and more. We just need to give our skin the right nutrients and limit exposure to toxins. Well, at least that will help.

2. Society made me do it.

I don’t really like wearing makeup that much. If I didn’t feel as though I needed it to be beautiful or respected, I would rarely wear it. I want to work on that.

3. Its empowering embracing the natural you.

I’ve never felt more feminine than when I am embracing my body for what it is naturally, not when I am conforming to societal standards of what a women should look like. Do you agree? Being a woman is messy and natural and it doesn’t get more beautiful than the divine feminine.

4. It saves money and time.

Enough said. Makeup is so expensive, and it takes time applying it.

5. My skin already looks better.

I feel like I glow when I don’t wear makeup. My skin is clearer and brighter.

At the end of the day, I feel that it’s a crappy reason to wear makeup when I am doing it to conform to a society that will never be happy with what I do.

I think makeup can be a beautiful thing, I think it can empower people and be a way for people to express themselves. I am no makeup artist and I have never been interested in makeup. I understand that it’s a passion for so many people and wow, some people are amazing at applying it. This is not a blog post trying to convince you to stop wearing makeup. Wear it, don’t wear it. For me, I am going on a wee journey.

Who knows if I’ll go back to wearing makeup? We’ll see. For now, let’s give it a go. I want to challenge societal standards and live the way I want, without fear of judgement. It is time to challenge what I know, what is normal, what is comfortable and see where it takes me. What’s life for if not for experimenting and trying to find your true self. Follow along for the journey. There is a picture of me at the start and I don’t have any makeup on. I look happy, right? 🙂

If you want to hear me talk more about this topic, click below:

A new chapter in my life is fast approaching and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Follow my blog for updates on my life and for education around fitness, nutrition, and health.

Thank you for reading,

Mairi 🙂

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