This Is Going To Get Emotional…

Can you believe it? This is my 100th blog post! I wrote my first blog post on the 6th of October 2019. Wow, now that’s almost three year’s worth of blog posts.

A lot has changed since then. I mean a LOT. I have discovered so much about myself over the past three years, and I suppose it’s only the beginning. Within this time, I’ve turned 21, gone vegan, started doing yoga and mindfulness every day, started a podcast, reunited myself with my meaning of femininity and battling with societal standards, I was broken in two by the most dreadful breakdown of my family alongside terrifying reflections on my life that changed completely overnight, ended an abusive relationship, gained many beautiful ones and so much more.

If I really think about it, over the time I have been writing these blogs the craziest life experiences have happened and you have all been right by my side on the journey with me. I have grown and changed so much throughout this time, and I hope you (if you’re an original blog lover) have seen that change in me. I love my little blog family. To me, you have been a support, an outlet of creativity, release of emotions and most importantly, the most wonderful friends. Although, I don’t know any of you who read my blogs, I feel a great infinity towards you all as if you are quiet supporters behind the scenes. I hope it’s as beautiful as I make it sound. I hope I have provided at least one of you with some sort of outlet of positivity or education or encouraged some of you to make some healthy lifestyle changes. I would love to hear what you think about the blog, comment below or message me (check out the contact me page). Even if you just want a chat, I would LOVE to hear from you.

I have touched on one hundred (literally) different topics on here. I haven’t always been so consistent with my blogs, if I remember correctly, I used to post every second week. I like what we have going now. Weekly updates, education, and discussions.

I can’t underestimate how healthy this outlet has been for me. Sometimes I feel as though people may not be interested in some things, or what I have to say may not matter enough. To be honest, that may be the case. Even if that is the case, getting feelings out on a page has done me the world of good. I hope that at least one of my blogs have been more than that to you. I know I’ve inspired many of you at least once, I mean you guys have followed along for the journey ;).

I hope to provide many more blogs and updates for you all, I am not planning to stop any time soon. If anything, I wish I could escalate this platform, we will get there. I know it takes time. I have so many of you here already and I am so grateful. I love my podcasts and blogs, it’s such a unique and interesting aspect to my life.

Who knows what will happen in three year’s time. Who knows where I will be with my blogs, with you guys, with life? I hope it’s wonderful. No, I know it will be wonderful. Follow along for this insane journey I am embarking on. When I think of all that has happened in the past three years, I know how crazy the next three years will be. I have so much planned you guys!

I hope I can continue to share my life with you all, in the most unfiltered and realest way possible. I love this community and will always be so incredibly grateful for you all. For now, let’s celebrate 100 blog posts and hope that blog post 200 will be filled with abundance and joy, for you and me. We’ve got this!

I want you to pledge right now that by blog post 200 you will be undeniably happy. I know you will. You just need to work for it and don’t give up! Let me be your supporter. I love you all.

Here’s to 100 blog posts and 100 more!

Love always,


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