A Year of Podcasting, Getting the Second Vaccine, Yoga Update, and Getting Injured.

Hello everyone. How are you all?

This week has been a special one! I hit podcast 50!! Can you believe it – it is a year since I uploaded my first podcast (give or take a few weeks I took a break). I made a very special podcast for you all to listen to. I put my heart and soul into this podcast (and a lot of others did too). If you haven’t listened to it yet – I really recommend that you do ;). Check the link below.

I can’t believe I have made it so far with this podcast. If you told me a year ago this is what I would be doing, I would have thought you were crazy, but here we are! I have managed it and loved creating these podcasts for anyone and everyone who will listen. Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast and those of you that read my blogs – you guys are amazing.

I am currently working my little socks off trying to get a good start back at Uni. This semester is going to be hard but good. No, just good and amazing (let’s manifest this). Whatever you are working towards just now, know that you’ve got it and you’ll get there if you don’t give up. You know, I think I truly believe that – the only people that fail are those who give up. I really hope that’s the case anyway. I don’t have a problem with hard work, but I certainly want what I want. Ask my parents, even as I child I wouldn’t stop until I got what I was after. Back then it was renovating and moving my room about as much as possible. We have a theory that’s why I am so strong today. I was moving furniture as young as possible – I loved it. I suppose that shows you how much society has changed.

Children used to go out and play outside or move their furniture about for fun – now we all sit on our phones. Maybe if I got bored enough today, I would start moving things around. Who knows? It is interesting how we change as humans. I also used to be incredibly tidy – I regret to admit I am not like that anymore, no matter how much I try. You can see above in the gallery, young me with my twin brother and mum. I was cute, I have got to give myself that.

I had the most wonderful conversation with someone I met at my brothers work. He loved the podcast and was kind enough to come over and tell me. It was the nicest moment and It gave me so much reassurance that my podcasts are well received. I love love love when people let me know what they think of the podcast or my blogs – it makes it all that little bit more worthwhile. Jacob managed to capture this moment (check it out above).

For a little update for you all, this girl is double vaccinated. Jacob and I went for our second vaccine on Friday, last week. It was actually a nice experience. I am quite scared (irrationally) of needles, doctors, dentists, all that stuff. I was so nervous about the first vaccine, and I was less so for the second. Maybe I am overcoming my fears! Let’s hope so. One step at a time though. The thought of getting my bloods done is too much for me. Maybe I’ll concur that eventually too.

You guys might be wondering where my splits/yoga update is. WELL… I injured myself maybe a month ago. I can still do yoga but the splits on one leg not so much. I was doing the splits and was SO close and then *POP*. Yeah… something went anyway and now I have a bit of pain in my upper hamstring. I went to the physio yesterday, she said that it might take another month to hear completely. So, my splits journey is on hold for a bit (on one leg anyway). I’ll have my splits on one leg and the other will be far behind. Oh well, I suppose that happens. Here is a little yoga fail for you. Safe to say I got a bruise. My inversions are getting better.. this is definitely not a good one though. I hope you can get a little laugh at this.

It is important to share the good and the bad, plus it’s kind of funny. I hope you have all had the best week and I will chat to you all, next Wednesday!


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