Spend a Week with Me: Impromptu Visit to Tiree, Walking and Good Food.

Hello everyone. I hope you have had the best week. This week I have a ‘spend a week with me’ blog post. This week has been very unplanned yet enjoyable. I finished my submissions for semester one of fourth year a few weeks ago and it has been nice having a little break from most of my Uni work. I have been working on my dissertation and an exciting podcast for podcast number 50 (stay tuned for that).

Someone in my household got covid so me and Jacob had to flea! Don’t worry, the person who got covid was away from home but had to come back ASAP, so we had a couple hours to get out the house. We managed to stay away from isolation and covid. Believe me, we don’t want that again! So, we decided to go to Tiree and visit Jacob’s mum and partner, Lucy, and David. They very kindly accommodated us here and we have been more than comfortable for the past few days. We are only here for five days, and unfortunately, go home tomorrow. I don’t know if you remember Tiree from my last blog posts from summer (if you’re a OG blog reader) if not, here are some pictures of this beautiful Scottish Island in summer (featuring a more tanned Mairi).

We spent a month on Tiree in summer and it was beautiful. Although still beautiful now, it’s cold and VERY windy. We have to head home tomorrow as I have to work, and Uni starts up again for semester two on Monday. I know, it feels like the break has been non-existent and very short. I am very grateful to be able to get away for a little while, that is a privilege I am very fortunate to have. We have spent our time here chilling, chatting, walking, and eating good food. What more can you want!?

Today is very windy and I can hear the wind everywhere in the house, it feels as though we are about to take off. I wonder what the weather is like back on mainland Scotland. There are so many people from so many different countries that read my blog and I am jealous of some of you guys living in such beautiful hot countries. I can’t complain though, it’s very beautiful here too, just cold!

We’ve been eating baked potatoes, beans, soup, sourdough bread, pasta, sweet potato, seed pancakes, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, amazing! If you can’t tell, I love my food. I love cooking and I very much love eating. Food is such a gift in my life and for some reason we’ve had so many good meals here. I hope you have some time to treat yourself to some home-cooked healthy meals. To me, there isn’t much better than that and a true act of self-love!

I wonder what you guys have been up to this past week. Has this week been normal, mundane? Or life-changing? You never know what week might change your life and it may be just this one. That is a positive way to look at every day.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed that Uni is starting again on Monday. Time to work as hard as ever again. I should enjoy it; it is my last semester ever of this bachelor’s degree. Now that’s not something you can say every day. We’ll see what’s in store for me after Uni – it is in the making, but for now, LETS GET IT!

Thank you for reading, as always, I am grateful for every single one of you,


Last week’s podcast (it’s a good one):

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