Hopes for 2022.

This year has gone so fast. What do you think? Has this year been the best year yet or the worst? Unfortunately for most of you I could guess it is the latter. I hope not. If I am being totally honest it hasn’t been the best year yet for me. A lot happened this year, a lot of painful experiences. To be honest with you, I don’t think you can categorise a year into being good or bad. It is such a long period of time and so much can happen. You could definitely say I learnt a lot this year – maybe I can change that idea and spin it to being the best year yet 🙂 How are you reflecting on this year?

I hope for a lot of things in 2022. I can’t believe 2021 is almost over. Without further or do here are some things I am hoping for in 2022. I hope you can relate.

1. Connection

Connecting with others is so important to me. I love to understand others, hear their story and learn about them. Especially these past couple of years this has been limited due to COVID. I’m sure we all miss connection. I am lucky to have an amazing support mechanism around me and I don’t live alone and haven’t during COVID. I hope to meet new people and connect more and more with the ones I already love.

2. Getting my Honours Degree and Writing an Amazing Dissertation.

I must say, this might be the highlight. I am working especially hard this year at my degree and my dissertation. I love the topic of my dissertation and writing it I have only enjoyed so far (that will probably change the closer I get to April). What an achievement that will be. I am very lucky. I am hoping to progress with my studies but I don’t want to talk too much about this yet! I will right an amazing dissertation (I’m manifesting it ;)).

3. Doing the Splits and Processing with Yoga.

I love yoga and I’m so happy I started this journey. I am currently on the road to achieving the splits – I’m close but not there yet. That will be a good day. If you look at the picture above I’ve managed to make some progress with inversions. It’s probably all wrong as I taught myself but I’m very happy with myself.

4. Continue to Learn as Much as Possible about Health, Nutrition and Wellness

As you all know this is my main passion and it is a continuous journey as the knowledge on this topic is endless and there still isn’t enough research on it. I will continue to learn always. I can’t wait to see what research will come out in 2022 and what else we might discover.

5. Grow my Podcast and Blog

I love these avenues of creativity and expression of all that is me. I learn so much from my podcast and blog and I truly enjoy every moment of them. Thank you everyone who reads/listens. I hope to continue to grow this little community into a bigger one. We’ve managed to reach 17 countries!!

Above all, I hope COVID starts to become manageable and we try to find a new normal. I hope for the world to be a brighter, happier and kinder place. The state of the world Is quite devastating and I hope that it can get better. I hope for global warming to reduce and for us to make real change for this beautiful planet – the only way in which we can survive.

Let us spread kindness today and every day. What do you hope for in 2022? Reflect on your year and refine your goals and hopes for the future. It is therapeutic.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Last week’s podcast for you to listen to if you fancy it. It is a short one 🙂

Mairi 🙂

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