A Full on Birthday Weekend – Turning 21!

Hello everyone. How are you this week? This is the only time I’ll write this blog post. Last Thursday I turned 21! Can someone enlighten me on why turning 21 is a big birthday? Wait, now I want to google it.

Google says – “The ‘key to the door’ signified the reaching of adulthood and the independence that brought with it. Of course, it is not so significant these days, as the age of majority in the UK was revised down to 18 by the Family Law Reform Act of 1969″. So, I guess I’m a fully-fledged adult now. Well, that’s a little scary. I wonder what 21 will bring.

I firstly want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I am grateful for everything I received and everyone that made the effort to spend time with me over the weekend. I am forever amazed at how privileged I am to have so many wonderful people around me and to be in such a privileged position in this society.

If you didn’t know, I am a twin! I have a twin brother named Jonathan. Guess who’s older?

Jonathan Is one minute older than me! He’d never let me forget it. We have always got on well and I love him to pieces. What a wonderful human to have as a brother. I am very thankful we managed to spend this year together on our birthdays. Last year we couldn’t. We went ice skating with another two of my favourite people: Jacob and Emily. Emily is Jonathan’s girlfriend. They’ve been together over three years and she is definitely reading this right now looking at my grammar ;).

It was a super chill day. We played charades and film games. The most important thing to me on my birthday is spending time with my favourite people, especially people I can’t see very often.

I have to tell you guys about what Jacob got me. He helped to design a necklace for me, moulded to look like water. He knows how much I love swimming and what being in water does for my mental health. One of the most thoughtful and beautiful presents I have ever seen. I mean it is BEAUTIFUL.

I received so many thoughtful gifts, another I think you’ll love is from Jonathan and Emily. They got me an embroidered apron with my name, waves (like my tattoo) and lots of fruit and vegetables!!! How amazing is this?!

I was well spoilt! On Saturday we went to a vegan restaurant with my family. On Sunday, we had a get together with some more family and with Derinn (my best friend). She bought me a beautiful frame with our names and picture.

So, that’s that. The 21st birthday is all wrapped up and I’m back to uni work, exercising, podcasting, blogging and everything else. I am not upset about it. I love celebrating and taking a break but I think I like working hard more. It feels good to get back to routine.

I received some good news over the weekend too! My podcast has received 1000 downloads on buzzsporout! I am so overwhelmed at how my podcast has grown and developed. Thank you to every single one of you who listen to my podcast or read my blogs, you make me a very, very happy human.


We got a new podcast cover!! Courtesy of my talented brother Jonathan.

Here’s to another year of happy podcasting and blogging. Let’s hope that this time next year we have 5,000. Do you think we can do it???

Next is Christmas. I love Christmas. Are you looking forward to it or too early?? Happy 1st of December!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Here is last week’s podcast to check out.

Thank you for reading.

Mairi 🙂

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