Two Small Sentences That Will Completely Change Your Outlook.

Hello everyone! How are you this week?! Above are some pictures I wanted to share with you – a small glimpse into life right now.

It’s getting colder and spookier here in Scotland! I like Halloween, do you? Jacob and I have our anniversary on the 26th of October. We’ve been together a year!! It doesn’t feel like it and I’ve loved every minute of it. We’ve decided to create a Halloween inspired, one year date night tradition – pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving and a beautiful, extra special meal. I don’t know what we’re going to make yet but you best believe it’ll be amazing vegan food and some concoction that I’ll make up for dessert. If you haven’t tried vegan, refined sugar free dessert you’re missing out. Now, I know it doesn’t seem like it but I make a good dessert that’s of course nutritious! There’s loads of recipes to try (if you haven’t yet). There is a picture of some I made up there.

This time of year, is so event busy for me. We have the anniversary, Halloween, my birthday, my brothers birthday, Christmas, new year! It’s crazy! I like it. I like to celebrate life and have a reason to celebrate family, friends and the time of year. What’s your favourite holiday? I can’t pick.

We went to a party last week! Who would’ve thought it? I haven’t been to a party in YEARS. This is 1, due to covid and 2, the fact I don’t drink. Trust me, I’ve been there. I drank often in my teenage years. Ask my mum, I was a nightmare. I’m glad I’ve grown up since then. I stopped drinking 2 years ago. I started hating it and feeling as though I was removing myself from who I truly was and escaping. There’s no big story. It wasn’t something positive in my life and it was taking me away from true peace and fulfilment. Of course, you can still go to parties and not drink. I enjoy that every once in a while. The party was Hawaiian themed.

Apart from that I’m working away at uni and the podcast and of course, my blog. Trying to use my creative side for good. I enjoy this. Writing from the heart and letting my mind write whatever it wants, whatever inspires me. I hope you enjoy reading. Speaking of, the book that I am currently reading is called “101 Essays that will Change the way You Think” by Brianna Wiest. It’s interesting, a different format. All the essays are about different things and I love these 2 sentences at the start of an essay entitled: “The art of awareness, or how to not completely hate yourself”.

The first two sentences captured a very important concept in a way that you want to write it down, remember it and apply it to your life.

“All hatred is self-hatred. And everything is feedback”

You can choose the way you live your life. I believe that. Today we are so quick to hate and judge others to make us feel better and bring others down. It’s not even conscious sometimes. We have to make ourselves aware of this thought process and actively rewire our brains to stop thinking in this negative way.

It’s black and white but it’s true. All hatred is self-hatred as hate and negatively towards something is merely a reflection on ourselves and what we truly hate within us. What we are jealous of, what makes us sad, what triggers us, it’s all feedback that you can use to better yourself and learn more about what truly hurts you and what you are truly afraid of.

The next time you feel angry or hate towards someone or something, create an inner dialogue with yourself and ask yourself what you truly feel and what is truly going on for you. You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever have and feel more content that you ever have.

Such a simple, yet important message that I felt compelled to share with you today.

I hope you thrive in your life, relationships and actions and don’t get trapped by hate, jealousy, fear or shame. I believe your emotions are lessons for you to learn.

You’ve got this!

This week’s podcast episode I think you’ll love:

Thank you so much for reading!

Mairi πŸ™‚

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