20 Things to be Grateful for Today.

Practising gratefulness can change your life. All of us have something to be grateful for today and always.

The Human Body

Our bodies are amazing, wonderful things that we cannot fully comprehend. We are so lucky to be alive and functioning – so many cannot. The chances of you being alive at this exact time, exactly the way you are is beautiful.


The fact that plants grow with beautiful colours. The fact that many of them we can eat and that provides us with nutrients.

The Fact that We Don’t Know What Will Happen Today, Tomorrow or Next Year

Life is so unknown. We don’t know what could happen in the next 5 minutes and I think that’s what makes life worth living, exciting and fun.

Everything You Need You Already Have

Everything you need to grow, change, adapt, feel good, you already have. It is all within you and it always will be. Isn’t that wonderful? You can change for the better at any moment. It all starts with you 🙂

Our Brains have an Unlimited Ability to Store Knowledge

You can learn everything in the whole world and still have enough space for 100 million more things. Your long-term memory is infinite. We can keep learning. Why would we ever stop learning?


Water is required by every living cell, organism and being. We are all the same and rely on the same substance to survive. We can only last 3 days without water. Water is essential to human life and health.

You Choose Your Mindset and It Will Set the Tone for Your Life

We have so much control over how we see the world and what we let impact us. I am a firm believer that we create our own reality.


We can take ingredients and make them delicious. How amazing and rewarding is that?!

Human Touch

We feel love and connection when we are close to the ones we love. What a beautiful thing.

Your Thoughts Are Your Own – No One can Take Them from You.

The only confidential thing about this world is your own thoughts. You can talk to yourself about anything. Be real with yourself and no one has to know.


A chance to refresh, repair and renew EVERY NIGHT. What an amazing opportunity that is to look after your mind and body.


You can move in any way you enjoy and it is amazing for your health.

The Idea that You Can Do Anything that You Set Your Mind Too

You are capable of wonderful things. All you have to do is believe, apply yourself and never give up. You’ll get there.

The Sun

Sun makes us happy and encourages us to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise and of course, vitamin D!


The ability of human love. How wonderfully amazing and devastating it can be. Nothing is worth having if you don’t work to have it and keep it.

Nature and Fresh Air

Humans thrive in nature.


Sound is beautiful.

Friends and Family

Human connection is essential for human health and happiness. What would be do without people we love and that love us.

Camera and Taking Photographs

We are able to capture moments and look back to remember. This is so important and we should be so grateful.

Films, Books and Series

Fun entertainment – a chance to learn and unwind.

What are you grateful for today?

This week’s podcast episode:

Thank you for reading! I hope this uplifted you.

Mairi x

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