We Got Covid, Data Collection and Harry Potter – Two Weeks in My Life.

Hi everyone! How are you this week? If you listened to my most recent, yet very short podcast, you’ll know that Jacob and I got covid! I suppose I should be very grateful that I have managed to dodge it until now. We have been isolating for two weeks now and are out of isolation on Friday!! I must say I am tired of being inside, especially now that I am feeling back to normal.

Have you gotten covid? What was your experience with it? Jacob started getting symptoms first. My boyfriend developing covid = I wasn’t getting away with this one.

I had one bad day where I slept the whole day and felt very sore. After that I got better and better. Now, I have a very mild cough and I still cannot smell and taste very well but these senses aren’t totally lost, thank God! Apart from that I feel normal and I can’t wait to get back to normal life.

One thing that was very surprising to me was a high resting heart rate. One day when I was feeling the worst my resting heart rate doubled from its usual! My heart rate is usually 42-45 bpm and it was sitting at 85 bpm! I understand that when you are ill the body has a fever and your heart rate goes up as its pumping more blood to the organs and tissues in order to fight an infection. I was alarmed to think of what might happen to people that already have a high heart rate or heart complications. This only lasted a day but I remember feeling that it was difficult to relax as all I could hear was my heart.

Jacob was slightly different and he had symptoms for longer and felt rubbish over a number of days but it was never really bad. It was if my body dealt with it all in one day and then dealt with a few little issues in the days after. I am not sure which is worse!

I must say, COVID was not fun and I don’t want it again. Let’s hope I don’t have to go through all that again. At least now I have some natural immunity. I miss fully tasting and smelling food. That may be the worse symptom. We all know how much I love my food!

It is unbelievable how much satisfaction we receive daily, from great food that we enjoy. It is so hard-wired into our natural and innate human instincts. Being stuck inside, feeling tried and not being able to enjoy food = not a nice combination. It is all looking up now and we are getting over it!

P.S. If you’re wondering what the purple stuffed toy is in the first picture – it’s our aubergine called Stacy – our COVID mascot. She made it a lot easier.

Do you like Harry Potter? We had a Harry Potter movie marathon over 4-5 days – we watched all eight movies. It was amazing. I think they’re such enjoyable movies and it reminds me of my childhood. I started a bucket list and one of the things on there is to read all of the Harry Potter books. Emily, my brothers girlfriend is an avid reader and she is encouraging me to do it. The last books are HUGE!

Speaking of books, I finished my book on self-destructive behaviours by Brianna Weist last week. I started a new book of hers called “101 essays that will change the way you think” also written by Brianna Weist. I am enjoying that one – a different format to what I usually read. I am trying to get through all the books that I already have to save money and because I must!

Uni starts on Monday! Can you believe it? Summer is over and I am now a fourth-year student of a bachelor’s degree! These four years have gone so fast! I am looking forward to this year. It will be somewhat normal as we’re back on campus. It’s going to be refreshing but very different from last year. Let’s hope its a good different. Of course, I will keep you all updated.

I have been working on my dissertation – the data collection part. It is a lot of sifting through studies and deciding what is relevant. Here is a look into what my excel sheet looks like‼️. Pray for me.

I have also been slacking on my yoga. My muscles have been sore and the last thing you want to do is stretch. I got back to it yesterday though. It was amazing. I really miss it when I am not doing my daily practice.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post.

Last week’s very quick podcast. Give it a listen if you haven’t yet! Last, last week’s podcast about improving your sleep is up there too.

Stay tuned for next week’s podcast where Jacob will be talking about the Ironman. You can follow on Spotify or apple podcasts to be notified when I upload it.

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Thank you very much for reading.

Mairi x

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