AMFMH – Swimming 40,000 Metres

It’s the 28th of July and we are three days away from the first of August and the start of a challenging month in aid of the Samaritans charity!

I will be swimming 40,000 metres in August. This equates to 10,000 metres each week for four weeks. Four sessions a week, swimming 2500+ metres in an hour.

I have always loved swimming and the water. I started competitive swimming when I was 11/12. I stopped competing at 16 and took a few years off from swimming. I missed it dearly but took up other sports in its place.

It wasn’t until 2 years ago when I found my way back to the pool. Ever since I have been training independently alongside training in the gym. One of the perfect combinations for health and wellness (in my opinion). I love both and have no intention of changing my routine. I swim 4 days a week and go to the gym 3 times a week. Yoga and meditation are a regular part of my week.

I also love cycling, walking, surfing. Any movement is fun to me. Challenging your body in many different ways, regularly is important and fun!

The Samaritans charity provides a 24-hour phone line to ensure someone is there to speak to at any time, about anything. This charity focuses on suicide and reducing its rates. An incredibly important charity which I feel is in much need of fund-raising.

It’s fitting that I am swimming 40,000 metres for this specific charity. It may be clichΓ© but swimming in water, especially being under water, is so wonderfully calming to me.

There’s something about being in the water that gives me such mental clarity and peace. It doesn’t really make sense that when I feel most calm is when I can’t breathe. I can’t explain it. I even have a tattoo of a wave for this very reason (I’m serious about this)! πŸ˜‰

I love exercise and swimming is one of my favourite ways to do it. This challenge will be exactly that – challenging. I will be swimming a lot in one hour x 4, every week.

I am a bit nervous! I should manage the swims no problem. I will need to be on my game and motivated every single session for a month. That’s kind of scary.

If you play a sport or train, you’ll know that no matter how much you love a sport, exercise is hard. It takes real determination, motivation and focus – one of the reasons it’s so good for you! Motivation and discipline are hard to maintain for a full month.

I will have off days, days that I don’t want to work hard in the pool but I’ll need to push past them in aid of a much higher cause.

I’m excited to get started! I will keep you all updated on here on how I am getting on in my challenge. I am hoping to get some good pictures and videos for you all. I’m going to need your moral support.

This Sunday, Jacob is starting off the fund-raising with a bang running his marathon. Near the end of August, he will be competing his ironman (pray for him). I will be cycling the marathon with him on Sunday and doing my best to support him this week and the end of August!

We are going to be very busy!

If you would like to donate, that would mean everything to me!

As little as Β£5 would potentially fund a life-saving call!

Make sure you put that you were referred by me! Link is below πŸ™‚

Thank you.

Wish me luck, everyone!

This week’s podcast episode is a chatty one – a little catch up with you all. Listen below if you fancy some light listening this Wednesday evening.

Thank you so much to every single one of you. I appreciate every one of you.

Lots of love,

Mairi x

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