Body-Mind Connection

Something that I have become very aware of over the past few years is this: your body and mind doesn’t communicate with you unless you give it the time and space to do so.

This is such a fascinating concept to me. The idea that we have everything we need, within us. It’s empowering and above all, hopeful.

In our modern, fast paced world, we never stop. We are either making money by working or learning so that we can make money and work. If we aren’t working, we are on our phones/laptops/tablets scrolling on social media or watching our favourite shows on Netflix. If we aren’t scrolling, we are socialising. If we aren’t socialising, we are escaping through alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, gambling, gaming, sex, whatever the vice.

WE NEVER STOP. It seems the only time we have to rest is when we are sleeping. Guess what? Most of us are sleep deprived.

I believe we miss all the messages our bodies are trying to communicate with us. We are never listening. We never look within, feel within or live in the present moment. Because of this, we suffer.

For me, I struggle to realise when things are getting too much. It’s as if my body has learned not to communicate my feelings to my conscious brain. I push on. It’s not because I’m not listening, it’s because I can’t and won’t hear it. Something I believe was instilled into me long before i had the capacity to think this way.

Does this resonate with you?

I learn the most about myself when I am journaling or talking to myself (preferably in my car)! I know, it might sound stupid but the realisations I have by simply checking in with myself and my emotion when I am alone is crazy.

I often realise the things that might’ve been bothering me or have an epiphany about something that has been ruling my life for years. It’s strange. It’s as if my brain is working it all out for me and waiting until the perfect time to let me in on it.

I believe if you don’t give yourself this time you might miss it all. That’s what has happened to me time and time again because I just never stopped. Most of us don’t.


You must hear them.

I recorded a podcast today all about yoga, journaling and meditation. This is maybe where the motivation for this blog came from! The podcast will be out next week but it’s an important concept to think about and possibly apply within your life.

I love yoga and meditation as it allows me to stop. Take a breather and listen within. This is amazing for your mental and physical health and especially important in today’s day and age.

I love journaling as it gets emotion and feeling out of me that I don’t feel would be possible by talking to someone.

You should give it a go! Go out and buy yourself a nice new notebook (seriously, who doesn’t love stationary) and just let it all spill out onto the page. Read it back and see what you might have uncovered about yourself.

I am telling you; you will surprise yourself!

Mental wellness is something everyone should have the pleasure of possessing. You deserve the world and giving yourself the space and time to open up to yourself is a very important part of your happiness and mental well-being.

What harm can it do?

Thank you so much for reading!

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