This World is Beautiful

There is so much that is beautiful about this world. The mere simplicity of living is beautiful. I always find that being grateful for the things we have and where we are now is such a great way to feel good. Remembering how amazing it is that we are HERE. I love it. I want to share these thoughts with you. Here are some things I find BEAUTIFUL.

  1. The fact we can produce life without a second thought. Our bodies can create life and we don’t really have much to do with the process, it just happens.
  2. We are gifted life and a body to live it in. Our only job is to look after it.
  3. We have been given stewardship of an earth so that we can survive and experience.
  4. The most amazing part of life is that we have no idea what could happen next. In as little as 10 seconds our world could change and we wouldn’t know it until it happened.
  5. We don’t know what our lives will look like in 10 years or in 1 or in a day.
  6. Everything begins and ends in relationship. If we don’t have others, we have nothing.
  7. The fact that we celebrate birthdays. I love birthdays. What an amazing excuse to celebrate a person’s existence.
  8. Love, what is it? We have no idea, yet it shapes us and our lives.
  9. Emotion is constant and forever changing.
  10. We have no idea why we are here, but we are anyway.
  11. We have no idea how the world was created; we have a few theories but it probably doesn’t come close to the truth. Will we ever know it? Maybe one day.
  12. We don’t know what happens when we die. Is it nothing or is it better than living? We don’t know until It happens and even then, we might not understand. I think that makes the world beautiful, the unknown.
  13. We only have one body and no one has the same one, not even close. WOW. How is that even possible?
  14. Beauty is subjective. It doesn’t feel like it today, but it is.
  15. Love is beauty.
  16. Our bodies function and we don’t have to ask it to or do anything to ensure it works. The complexity of the body just functions. We don’t understand it nor will we ever?
  17. The complexity of our very own bodies, the fabrication that is life and we can’t fully grasp the idea or understand its multidimensional nature. Our bodies are better than us in a way.
  18. Taking a breath is a miracle. How amazing is it that we can just breath and survive?
  19. Our bodies are incredibly resilient.
  20. Interactions between people.
  21. You will NEVER know what someone is thinking in their head.
  22. No one will ever know what you’re thinking, unless you tell them. The thoughts in your head are yours and no one can extract them or find them out unless you tell them or write them down.
  23. The law of attraction and how real that seems to be.
  24. The beauty of self-belief and what it can do for your mental health.
  25. Everything you need is staring back at you in the mirror.
  26. Mirrors, before we never really knew what we looked like.
  27. Singing.
  28. Physical touch.
  29. Art. We are so talented.
  30. The fact that every single person is beautiful, no matter what.

I hope this cheered you up today and made you feel grateful to be alive, to be human.

Thank you for reading!

Mairi x

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