I’m grateful. That might be something that you think is easy for me to say. To be honest, it is. I’ve been given so much in my life and I am in such a privileged position. I’m grateful for that. Im grateful for my standing in this world. Who knows where id be now if my life hadn’t started this way.

I’m privileged to not be subjected to racism, homosexual discrimination/hate, poverty, disability or religious discrimination. I’m so grateful that I’ve been born in the right body. I’ve never had to go through (what I can only imagine) to be sheer and utter turmoil of being a man in a women’s body. I will never understand what that’s like. People suffer today and for no real reason. Humans can be cruel.

I was driving yesterday (another privilege I’m lucky enough to inhabit and have had the opportunity to gain) and there was a long line of cars. The car in front of me was blocking a section of the roundabout. The people being blocked were shouting and screaming at this man. They would only have to wait 5 minutes maximum yet it was an excuse to harass someone. I don’t get it. Why is it our first instinct to hate and bring people down in the sight of adversity, the unknown or simply when someone is accidentally in the way? Why do we spit hate, jealousy and abuse at people?

That one silly interaction with the man in the car, a lorry driver and a woman put hatred into the world and impacted so many people negatively. At the same moment they could’ve been understanding, they could’ve smiled and understood a very simple human mistake. A positive interaction.

When you think of something negative someone has said to you, you don’t forget it. It sticks with you. Maybe when you’re feeling down or angry or upset you return to the moment when someone said something that hurt you.

Now think of a time when someone said something nice to you. That made your day, maybe you couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day or week, maybe it’s still with you today. Maybe you had the best day that day and spread happiness to everyone around you.

We all have a choice every day, to choose happiness and positivity or hatred and despair. Most people chose the latter, for many reasons and to be honest that may be why the world looks this way today.

Remember, you have that power. You impact the people around you. You make a difference to people’s lives; you change peoples lives. Make sure it’s for the better. Make sure your words aren’t the haunting thought in someone else’s despair. Chose to make others happy. What else are we here for? If not to enjoy the world and the people within it.

Life is not for wasting and we are only here once. I’m grateful for this opportunity to spread love and positivity to the ones around me.

Something I’ve been trying to do more of – When I think something nice about a person, it doesn’t matter who it is, if I know them, if I don’t, I’ll tell them. It’s not about complimenting people for the sake of it. It’s about understanding someone else’s beauty or intelligence. Understanding that it doesn’t impact yours and bringing joy to someone else day. Maybe that compliment from a random stranger was EXACTLY what they needed that day. Maybe they’ll remember you for the rest of their life. I urge you to try it. You never know what you might do for another.

When you think of something negative towards another ask yourself why you feel that way. More times than not its jealousy or bringing up insecurity within you. Use that to learn about yourself and please, don’t bring another down for the sake of your own happiness. That’s not happiness, that’s hatred.

Let’s spread some positivity today, and all days.

You are beautifully, wonderfully and perfectly made just the way you are. Believe that.

Thank you

Mairi x

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