The Current State of the World

This blog post has been inspired by the new documentary on Netflix called “Seaspiracy”. A very interesting documentary that talks about the fishing industry and its dangers and misleading claims. If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch. Of course, any documentary like this has the potential to be bias and it has received some criticism. Bare this in mind when watching.

For me I don’t need any more convincing when considering the consumption of animal products and its harm on the planet and our health. There is a lot of parallels in this documentary to the rest of the world and it got me thinking..

Fast food, fish, meat, dairy, sexism, racism, climate change, global warming, capitalism and so much more. How on earth did we get here? It seems as though everything is manipulated to make a profit regardless of the consequences, even if the consequences may be human extinction.

What part of being human In this world taught us to feel invincible? Why are we living as though we’ll have forever? We don’t. It’s as if we’ve all forgotten. We do in fact die. In a time where so many people are dying from a deadly virus. Is every human being living in denial? It seems that way.

We’re not here for long. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s live life, not destroy it. I can’t wrap my head around why humans are actively doing things we know could jeopardise our own health or the health of the planet – the only two things keeping us alive, allowing us to experience, to live. It doesn’t make sense.

We have really pushed this too far. We’re polluting the sea, eating all the fish, eating all the animals, animal well-fair is dreadful, consuming food that will indefinitely make us ill, destroying the planet, the list goes ON. We have the horrific statistics of where the planet and our health statistics will be in 2050 and its if we don’t quite get it. As if it has to actually happen before we realise, maybe we won’t be here for the realisation.

We can’t be healthy in an unhealthy planet. WE CAN’T SURVIVE IN AN UNHEALTHY PLANET. There’s only one (really) and there’s no second chances.

It’s quite devastating and It’s easy to feel hopeless. Where the hell do we start? How do we prioritise these issues?

What can we do about it?

It seems to be unsure. But I can tell you eating less or no animal products is a place to start. This isn’t a trying to convince you blog post. None of my posts are. I wanted to share my despair with you. I’m 20. What will the world look like when I have kids? I doubt it’ll look the same and hopefully for the better, but probably worse. I don’t want that and neither do you.

Become aware of these issues. They do affect you, even If you don’t feel like it, at the very least they will impact your children.

I don’t know much about climate change or how we fix this problem drastically. I understand health and wellbeing and what we can do about that – it seems as though they are similar issues.

Really, what good is knowledge if we’re not here to use it.

Humans today are ill, obese, consuming things they shouldn’t for pleasure, to escape, drugs, alcohol, childhood trauma, racism, sexism, addiction…

We are a world escaping the present moment, the only moments we are sure of. If we heal ourselves not only physically but mentally, we will heal the planet.

The planet is a microcosm for our bodies: complex, multidimensional beings that require specific fuel and treatment to survive optimally.

It’s already too late for a change, it should’ve started YEARS ago. The state of change is urgent now and it starts with you.

Begin with you. I know I can’t tackle this issue. There sure is many things I can change to help. I can make sure I am helping, doing my part. You can too.

As always, thank you.

Mairi x

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