Use Your Breath: Breath of Fire

The breath is UNDERRATED. It’s automatic and we don’t spend much time thinking about breathing. We should. It can be used as a tool to accelerate your physical and mental health. Yoga is centred around the breath. Yoga teaches the breath as a way to connect to your mind and body. A way to speak to your mind and body in a magical way. Connecting to your breath is therapeutic. It puts you in the present moment, grounds you and reconnects your self to your inner being.

It can be used to calm anxiety, activate the immune system, regulate blood pressure, lower the heart rate and just slow everything down. Whenever you feel anxious, stressed, negative in general, taking a few deep breaths can help.

What I want to discuss today is the breath of fire. A technique used in yoga that has many benefits. I touched on this on this weeks podcast episode: Your immune system and what you can do to improve it. I want to go more in detail about the benefits and how you can use it!

Give it a listen!

Breath of fire is a rapid, rhythmic and continuous breath cycle that usually lasts for 25 breaths. It is mainly used in yoga practice but can be used anytime, anywhere. It involves a passive inhale and forceful exhale. The explanation doesn’t quite do it justice. Below is a quick tutorial.

What are the benefits??

  • Releases toxins from the lungs, mucous linings, blood vessels, and other cells.
  • Expands the lung capacity and increases strength.
  • Strengthens the nervous system to resist stress.
  • Repairs the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Strengthens the navel chakra.
  • Increases physical endurance and prepares you to act effectively.
  • Reduces addictive impulses for drugs, smoking, and bad foods.
  • Increases oxygen delivery to the brain, facilitating a focused, intelligent, and neutral state of mind.
  • Boosts the immune system and may help prevent many diseases.
  • Promotes synchronization of the biorhythms of the body’s systems.

More info on this and a reference —

The breath and its benefits as you can see is severely undermined. This breath technique can stimulate the immune system by imitating a very short bout of a stress response – activating the immune system. You can use this as a tool to activate the immune system and to prevent you from getting sick. When you feel slightly down or tired as if you might be getting a cold, try this breath technique. The stimulation of the immune system allows the body to fight off infection quicker and more effectively. Especially in our modern society, we would all benefit from activating and stimulating our immune systems.

You can do this technique at any time. Use your breath as a tool to aid you. It is the gateway to your inner being. Listen to your breath, deepen your breath and breath in and out through the nose. See what you can find. Experience it and watch how it makes you feel.

Yoga is an amazing exercise that allows you to be active and mindful. I struggle with meditation and dedicating a lot of time to meditate as I feel as though i’m being unproductive (of course i’m not). I feel as though yoga is a great way to connect to your mind, body and breath and personally I love it! It also focuses on flexibility and balance, something I have neglected in my exercises. There is countless videos on YouTube you can follow to try some yoga out! Why not? It’s the perfect lockdown workout!

Yoga with Adriene:

I hope you enjoyed reading and will try out the Breath of Fire technique!

Mairi xx

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