Thoughts on the Life we Live and What I’ve Learned in my Short 20 Years.

I love this picture of my mum and i when I was young πŸ™‚

Life today is crazy, for every single one of us. We’re all living the same existence, yet with totally different lives, problems, insecurities, relationships, goals, aspirations, parents, friends, everything. It’s astonishing. We never really know what the hell is going on in someone else’s head, what they might be going through and experiencing. To be honest, not many of us know what’s going on in our own heads.

I guess we’re just a population not really knowing anything, acting as if we know everything. The human race seems to be one of the most complex and advanced species there is, yet we know so little about the phenomenons that we couldn’t survive without like our bodies or the world we inhabit.

Doesn’t it not bother you, well intrigue you, that we have no idea why we are here, who put us here and how that came into existence? What/who/where happened for all of this to exist and why have we chosen to do this, this version of human existence with the most powerful gift: human life. We truly suffer today, in everything, it’s as If we like it, live for pain and suffering. It’s chronic, human suffering, and it’s constant.

Really, let’s think about it. Everything is a choice, everything. Somehow, someone moulded law and society, I don’t think it worked. I know we created law for order, to prevent chaos. Haven’t we done the exact opposite? This is chaos. Racism, mysogony, rape, the patriarchy, capitalism, our seriously declining health, poverty, the rich, quality of life, hierarchy that is socioeconomic status, homophobia, transgender discrimination, self hatred, generational trauma, climate change, the list seems endless, is it?

It’s quite clearly time for drastic change. How do we do it? One things for sure, it can be done. Anything and everything can be done. Accepted unworthiness, an unwillingness and belief that self isn’t good enough, that we cannot achieve ANYTHING and everything. It’s all rubbish. Pull yourself out of it. You’re in a nightmare.

We’re all human, no one is above another. No matter where you are. You can achieve. You are worthy. You are amazing and perfectly made. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A few things I’ve learned:

  1. People don’t care about what your doing or what you look like or any of that. People care about themselves, we’re all too concerned about our own lives, the people that impact them. Stop living life for others or your perceived version of what others want from you. You don’t need to conform, you don’t need to do anything. YOUR ONE JOB IS TO LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOUR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE.
  2. People will hurt you and that’s okay. Accept this and welcome it. Pain is an inevitable part of living, you don’t need to run from it or prevent it. I believe that every emotion and experience (good or bad) is there for a reason. Anything painful that has happened to me has changed my life for the better, I allowed it to and accepted it. What’s the worst that could happen? You are going to learn so much. You are going to grow into someone so wonderful, use the inevitable, suffering and sadness to teach you hard but essential lessons. Don’t fear it. You’ll run from it forever if you let it and you’ll realise that you’ve spent your life as a distraction, not in the present, not living it.
  3. LIVING IN YOUR EMOTION. Emotion is constant and changing, live in it, experience it. Your body and mind is talking to you, listen. Your body knows everything. It’s the most powerful and beautiful thing there is and it’s SMART. Feel your emotion, what’s it trying to tell you?
  4. Everything is going to work out. I promise you. You won’t let it not. You have the power over everything you do. Remember that. You create your own life, you make your future. It’s not fate, no one is destined to sadness. You are powerful and can do absolutely anything, if you would just believe.
  5. You have a purpose. We’re not here for nothing. You’re here for something, find it. I believe your purpose exists in your passions. Find it and love every second of it.

We really are only here once, stop living like you have forever. Live every day and enjoy every second of it. Why wouldn’t you, why wouldn’t we have fun when we still can. DO IT. WHATEVER IT IS. DO IT.

You are capable and aww you’re so perfect. BELIEVE ME.

as always, thank you for reading.

Mairi x

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Life we Live and What I’ve Learned in my Short 20 Years.

  1. This is beautiful. I’ve learned that life can play you at any time. Truth is that we don’t know what’s coming next and plans change, people change too but we should keep pushing! πŸ’œ

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  2. I can relate to this on so many levels. I’ve been writing here since 2017 too and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come. The truth is that it’s only going to get better. My life is going to get better.

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