The Health Benefits of being Cold!

I LOVE swimming. I’ve been involved in swimming for years and have competed in many swimming competitions when I trained a few years ago. Since then I’ve been swimming more and more on my own, by myself, for me. I stopped training because the training was too much and at the time I didn’t want to continue. I train now more than I ever did when competing. I swim 5 days a week (well, when the pools were open :() and I adore it. Theres something about swimming and being surrounded by water that just makes everything better.

Since the pools are closed, I’ve been trying to get in the sea! Now the sea is COLD, especially right now. It is almost impossible to get proper training in without a pool. Ive been challenging myself to get in and attempt it. The pool and the sea are two very different things to say the least! I suppose in some way swimming in a chlorinated pool is somewhat disconnected to the earth, to nature. So, this is good for me. There seems to be scientific evidence to prove that. Being cold and in cold water is actually good for you. Let me tell you how.

I hate being cold and i’m sure you do too. Maybe this will make you feel a little different.

  1. It stimulates your immune system.

One thing we all need in todays day and age is a boost of the immune system. The cold water, or just being in a cold environment stimulates the immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells help fight inflection and inflammation. Exposure to cold water over time can benefit your health greatly.


It makes you feel great. It’s not only a sense of achievement, you got out there and did something difficult. It actually stimulates the dopamine response making you feel happy. Being happier more often can result in endless opportunities and predominately a better life. I like to believe that happiness and a positive mindset can bring you success and ultimately a fulfilling life.

3. It has been shown to reduce stress.

We all need this! The dopamine release, endorphin release and reduction of the stress hormone (cortisol) are all changes that occur from regular cold water swimming. Reducing stress and making you feel great.

4. It burns calories.

The cold water shock and the body’s need to supply warmth burns more calories than normal swimming. I wouldn’t usually talk much on this benefit but it allows your body to work in a different way, using different muscles and techniques to challenge the body and ultimately burn calories. This can help reduce overweight and obesity and the health complications associated with it.


Challenging yourself and doing something different is fun. Particularly if someone is going in with you.

P.S Make sure to swim with someone else as it can be dangerous if unsupervised. Also, make sure to listen to your body if it feels too much it is, get out and take it slow.

I’m definitely convinced. Are you?

Thank you for reading! The next time you’re feeling cold think of the benefits 🙂

Mairi x

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