How to use Awareness to Change your Life!

Awareness ~ Your Power to Create ~ Universal Flow

We want to solve all of our problems. This isn’t and never was the answer. The answer is much simpler. You just need to be aware, aware of your issues, how it impacts you and hold it in your consciousness. Awareness is UNDERMINED. No-one is perfect and never will be. Perfection shouldn’t be what we strive for. We are perfectly imperfect and that is absolutely beautiful.

What is Awareness?

Being aware is really just as simple as it sounds. Look at your life. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. How do you feel on a daily basis? Check in with your emotions and feelings. Don’t push them away because you don’t have time to feel them. They are your priority.
  2. How many of your relationships really make you happy and add to your life?
  3. How many of your relationships take from your life?
  4. Do you enjoy your job and hobbies? Or are you trying to meet a standard or impress others?
  5. Is your driving factor money or happiness?
  6. WHY do you do the things you do? Who and what are you achieving for? If the answer isn’t you, something has to change.
  7. What are you passionate about? Are you making time for it?
  8. Are you sleeping?
  9. Eating well?
  10. Exercising?
  11. Do you allow yourself time to rest and do nothing?
  12. How do you cope?

It’s important to check in on yourself. It’s easier than you think to get caught up in your busy life and not realise that you’re slowly falling apart. It’s particularly easy if you don’t feel your emotions or put yourself first.

Start by putting aside an hour a week. Just for you. Ask yourself all these questions. Sit in silence without any distractions. You will be amazed at what you realise. Let your mind wander to wherever it wants to go and it’ll teach you a lot about what’s bothering you/ exciting you/ going on in your life.

Something I love to do is sit in my car and talk to myself (yes I know). I always take so much from it and learn so much about the issues in my life and how its impacting me. Your brain works things out subconsciously. Giving yourself the space to let your mind talk to you is life changing. Your mind and body are constantly trying to communicate with you. All you need to do is listen. Just stop, you need it.

We all have ‘flaws’, we’ve all made mistakes. This will never not be the case. Accepting that we aren’t perfect, being aware of our past and present. What do you regret? Feel negative towards? What do you let define you? What was your childhood like? Has it affected you? Simply understanding and accepting yourself as you are is the most powerful and important thing you can do.

We SCRUTINISE ourselves and each other. For what? This obsession with appearing and coming as close to perfect as possible is damaging and is stealing your happiness. Accept the human condition of perfectly imperfect.

What stands out in your memories? What has hurt you? What do you always go back to? How do you feel about yourself? The answers to your issues are in these questions. It will always be difficult to look at your pain. I cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is. Not addressing your suffering and burring it CAUSES issues in your life, causes toxic traits in your life and in your relationships.

Take time out for you. Sit and listen to your mind. Understand it, work yourself out. You are INTERESTING and your mind works in beautiful ways. Learning about you is the most rewarding and influential thing you can do.

It doesn’t matter how many problems or hurt you face in life. How you let it control you will shape you and your happiness. Being aware of your issues and how it impacts you saves you from making decisions based on your trauma. You can’t fix an issue you don’t know exists. It is life changing, finally understanding why you do certain things and how it’s been impacting your life. Just LISTEN.

Mairi 🙂

Happy Christmas! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas despite everything going on in this crazy world! x

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