The Gut and its Importance for Health!

Gut Health 101 – Supercharged Food

Health complications surrounding gut health is one of the most time consuming health issues dealt with by GP’s today. We carry around 1kg of bacteria in our bodies. What type of bacteria your body facilitates is widely up to you.

There are many different types of bacteria that live in your gut, there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. When ‘bad’ bacteria thrives in the gut this can cause many issues including, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, heart burn, allergy, inflammatory bowel disease, weight gain and even cancer. Your gut health shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A healthy, varied diet is essential for a healthy gut to facilitate good bacteria. A diet rich in vegetables, fruit, starchy carbohydrates, nuts, seeds and fermented foods. Limit consumption of toxic fats, refined sugar and carbohydrates.


Probiotics are a type of bacteria in the gut that benefits the host by improving the intestinal microbial balance. Examples of probiotics are lactobacillus, lactococcus or bifidobacterium. You can find these probiotics in foods such as yogurt (kefir is best), cheese, some breads such as sourdough, sauerkraut and many more.

These has been increasing popularity around probiotics and their health benefits. Taking a probiotic can be useful in many people. However, a healthy, varied diet, rich in vegetables and these foods is more than sufficient to ensure a healthy gut.


Prebiotics benefit the host by stimulating the growth and activity of ‘good’ bacteria in the colon. Essentially, prebiotics feed probiotics and aid them in their functions. Prebiotics are incredibly important for health and for some reason aren’t as popular as probiotics.

You can find prebiotics in many foods such as garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, bananas and many more. Again, a healthy, varied diet will produce enough prebiotics to reap these health benefits.

Good gut health will help contribute to a well functioning immune system, digestive tract, heart health, brain health, healthy skin, better sleep and many more.

Best Foods For Gut Health | POPSUGAR Fitness

Concentrating on your diet and improving your gut health is essential for the overall functioning of the body and mind. Making the decision to put you and your body first will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

Prioritise YOU and your needs. This isn’t always going to be easy and it does take discipline. The results are worth more than you think.

You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Don’t pollute your body with toxins, fuel it with nutrients and LOVE YOUR BODY.

Thank you for reading. Follow for more 🙂

Mairi x

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