The Obesity Epidemic: Why are We Overeating?

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The majority of people in the UK are overweight or obese, 67% of men and 60% of women (NHS, 2020). The health complications associated with obesity are extensive, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many more. Despite this, the prevalence of obesity is only increasing. In 2030, It is predicted that 26 million people in the UK will be considered overweight or obese (NHS, 2020). This is more than half of the population! The fastest growing change in a population ever recorded.

What is going on? Why is this such a huge issue? There is a multitude of issues causing this obesity epidemic. It is hugely dependant on the person. Genetic factors, medications, refined sugar addiction, certain conditions, age, societal factors, the media, food addiction, to name a few.

It is startling how many of us have a complicated and problematic relationship with food. It is affecting EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. In reality, this should be one of our main concerns as a population. However, it isn’t treated as such. Why?

Sugar addiction, smoking, drinking and unhealthy lifestyles makes MONEY. Manufactures rely on our addictions to fuel the economy. We are manipulated as a society into enjoying and romanticising substances and experiences that actually are detrimental to us, that are actually killing us.

The obesity epidemic is costing the NHS billions but not as much as the sugar, alcohol, smoking tax and the nutrition and fitness industry makes them – the selling and marketing of thousands of products that will NEVER work.

Your health is not a priority to the government or media and never has been. Be incredibly sceptical around a company marketing a product claiming to help you lose weight or ‘get abs’, lose fat in a specific place, a detox tea, waist trainer, all of it is useless and, in some cases, completely wrong and dangerous. You don’t need to buy any products to improve your health. Zero.

The reasonings for our obesity epidemic is widely controversial and debated. I believe that the main causes of this issue are sugar addiction, food addiction and the constant seeking to release suffering from external sources such as food, drugs and alcohol.

I have a whole blog post on sugar addiction if you would like to read more! Refined sugar is an incredibly addictive substance that is added to a LOT of foods. Mainly processed foods, sugary foods such as chocolate, drinks, crisps or most things in a colourful packet to be bleak.

We know it’s addictive and that’s why manufacturers add it into everything. It’s the perfect way to make money. Get people addicted to a substance and get them to pay for it. Too much sugar in the diet can result in fat storage (weight gain), increased hunger (the consumption of more food), inflammation (this can result in chronic diseases such as cancer) and can ultimately lead to metabolic syndrome that is a one-way track to disease. Refined sugar is unlike any other food source we consume. We have no biological or physiological need to consume it, we just do, because it is HIGHLY addictive. I don’t believe moderation is possible when consuming addictive substances and that’s why the removal of it is our best bet.

When you can’t stop eating a substance because of the changes it has on your brain chemistry and hunger, it’s going to aid in the increase in obesity. Especially when its in everything.

We cannot seek happiness in external factors, we cannot remove pain and suffering through external sources such as food, sugar or alcohol. This is a quick fix, which ALWAYS results in consequences for your health and happiness. We as a nation are constantly seeking external validation and fixes. It will never solve your issue. You must look within. You have all the answers, all the solutions. You do not need food to comfort you or alcohol to drown your sorrows. This will make everything so much worse, I promise you.

Listen to your emotions, feel them. Don’t run from them, your answers are in the pain, are in the things you’re running away from. It’s always the same.

I believe this is another reason we’re all overweight and why it’s only getting worse. Food does make us happy, but it shouldn’t be a way to remove suffering, deal with a problem, as a distraction from your feelings and it shouldn’t be uncontrollable.

Awareness is KEY. Listen to your body, to your mind. Put yourself first and LOVE YOU. You deserve it. You deserve to have everything and more.

What do you think is causing the obesity crisis?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Mairi x

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