Let’s Change the World


Human life is a gift. We have given nothing to be here, we’re given a chance, a chance to experience, to LIVE. What is life today? A mundane existence of suffering and pain and the constant, desperate aim to remove it. We are constantly trying to run away from our pain, from our issues, so much so that we run straight towards them, you might even say that we bring them into existence. We numb our sorrows with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, phones, social media, shopping, people. The list is endless. Name your vice. 

What if I said that the issue wasn’t the pain or the issues we feel and are so desperately trying to run from. You don’t have to fear pain or suffering. What if I told you these uncomfortable feelings are the solution to it all? Are the key to your happiness and your success? Stop running from pain, you can learn so much. You can experience so much happiness from suffering. Running from your issues results in more problems. Face them.

Our body’s are the ONLY thing tying you to life. The only reason you are here is because of your beautifully unique body. Yet we abuse it, tirelessly. We abuse the only life-force we have. We abuse the ONLY thing ensuring our survival. Your life, your dreams, your hopes, your successes, your pain, your deepest fears, mean nothing without your life, without your body giving you the outlet, giving you life. Our lifestyles are killing us, little by little, day by day. Our bodies are suffering when they should be THRIVING. This life could be so much more. You have all the potential and opportunity to do what you want in this world and your health should NEVER be a limitation. 

What you put in your body matters, quite severely. We assume that disease is inevitable, it’s not. Chronic disease is a westernised issue, we made it up. The modern world created the leading cause of death, its not inevitable and you can stop it. We’re meant to love life and enjoy it until our dying day. We weren’t put on this earth to suffer, we ensured that for ourselves.

We are given life and we’re given it to enjoy it. Our bodies are here to serve us, to carry you through your life, to ensure you reach your goals, to aid you in achieving your dreams. Our bodies aren’t a limitation, we’re not meant to develop cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, autoimmune disease, eating disorders. We are designed to function. We are given a beautiful body that is capable of MIRACLES. Our bodies are so complex we can’t even comprehend its capabilities or understand its processes. We function optimally and we have no idea how we do it. The human body is incredible. As a human you are a miracle and are perfectly made. Your body’s capabilities are endless, especially when you fuel it correctly. We’re given this perfect gift of life, we don’t even have to think about it’s functioning, it just does it. All we have to do is FUEL our bodies. All we have to do is this: 

  1. Eat nutritious wholesome food.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Hydrate.
  5. Stimulate our brains with information and knowledge that inspires us and that ignites passion and intrigue. 
  6. Love and connect with people. 
  7. Feel your emotions and listen to them. How do you really feel? 
  8. Rest, recuperate and stop.

We have so little to do to maintain the most powerful and beautiful gift of human life. Wake up to your possibilities and your capabilities. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. You have to believe that. There is nothing more true. Your capabilities and aspirations stop with you. You have the power and you ALWAYS will. You are perfect, uniquely and specially made. You are the only you. The only person in the world that has what you have! The chances of you being here,  of your spirit, your personality, YOU, is minute. Don’t waste this life. Live it to the fullest possible capacity. You chose the limit. You decide your success. Believe that you can and you will. 

Thank you for reading 🙂

Mairi x

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