Can you Out Train an Unhealthy Diet?

Healthy eating is bar far the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle. Your health really is majorly dependant on your diet. Exercise is another factor that cannot be avoided when considering health. What one is more important and can you really out train a bad diet?

Out training a bad diet refers mostly to calories burned. Technically yes, you can eat a terrible diet and still burn more calories than you are consuming = weight loss. You don’t need to eat a healthy diet in order to lose weight. This is a common misconception. Eating healthy really does make everything a whole lot easier but none the less it is possible. Burning more calories than you consume, in this example through excessive exercise, will allow you to lose weight no matter what you consume.

Healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle has become about weight loss and aesthetics. This isn’t always the case. It is true that one of the main issues in our nations health is obesity related. However, it’s not the only issue. Many people don’t need to lose weight to be healthy. It’s important to remember that the way we appear on the outside doesn’t determine our health or our worth.

In terms of your health you really are what you eat (most of the time). The body needs a multitude of nutrients every day to perform basic functions. Nutritional deficiencies are more common than you think and may be contributing to health issues you are unaware of. Most health problems are caused by some sort of nutritional deficiency or need that is lacking. Ensuring a healthy diet is one of the most important things.

It is vital as humans that we are physically active. But the short answer to this question “Can you out train a bad diet?” Is no.

If your only goal is weight loss then technically yes you can. You can lose weight and eat lots of “bad” foods. When it comes to health and well-being. There is no amount of exercise that will eliminate the negative effects of an unhealthy diet. Maintaining this for a long period of time would would potentially cause many health issues and you would be exhausted.

I would say that nutrition is more important than exercise. Of course you cannot have a healthy lifestyle without both nutrition and exercise. However, giving your body what it needs by way of nutritious food and hydration is essential in your health now and in the prevention of disease.
Please, don’t try an out train a bad diet, your health will suffer.

Focus on your health instead of the way you look. When you become healthier and fitter you will start to love your body. Trust me! Focus on either nutrition or exercise first and make small, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Thank you for reading!

Mairi x

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