How to Love Your Body: Stop Letting Unrealistic Standards Control your Happiness!

The Body Positive Movement/ How To Stay Positive When You're Struggling  With Weight

Everyone struggles with body image and learning to love their body. The first thing you must understand is that we hate our bodies because society wants us to. Hating ourselves helps no one. It helps companies sell a broken idea of perfection. They sell hope and freedom. Something that can never be sold, something that will never be found in a miracle diet pill.

We cannot allow society to manipulate us in such an inhumane way. You have a wonderful power that no one wants you to access. Loving yourself for who you are, uniquely and beautifully will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Powerful people do not want that. Can you imagine how many businesses would combust if we all woke up in love with ourselves one day?!

So, how the hell do we love ourselves when everything and everyone is up against us doing so? It is a journey. The most fulfilling and beneficial journey you will ever embark on. One that will bring you your wildest dreams and much more.

How can we expect to be happy and reach all of our goals/aspirations when constantly putting ourselves down? Words and thoughts hold an energy. That energy will ultimately control your life and what happens in it. Every time you say a negative thing about your body, your personality or who you are, you are inviting the same energy into your life. Your subconscious mind doesn’t actually know what is real and what is false. When you create a positive energy within your mind and body, you attract positive people and positive situations. Feeling terrible about the way you look will only bring terrible things into fruition . Your words have a momentous power. Remember that before verbally abusing your mind or your body.

Constantly putting yourself down, critiquing every little part of yourself is single-handily the most destructive thing you can do for your life and your happiness. How can you be happy and live a fulfilled life in a mind that is in a constant state of depression. It does not work. Let’s CHANGE THIS.

  1. Appreciate the gift of life and that you are living it.

In reality, looks fade. On your deathbed no one will consider your appearance as a factor in your life. They will consider your personality, their connection with you, what you achieved in your life and how you made people feel.

Life is simply a GIFT. We cannot comprehend life itself. As humans we can’t even answer how the hell we got here. It truly is a miracle to wake up every day and experience time, to experience life in all its wonderful and torturous glory. The only thing allowing you to experience life is your body. Without it, without your health you cannot life. You cannot experience anything. NO MATTER what you look like you are HERE. How absolutely amazing is that? Thank your body for allowing you to live. Thank your body for its health, for being there for you, for allowing you to do what makes you happy.

We get so caught up in what we look like on the outside. Such a small, meaningless factor in the complexities of being human. I read that if all the vessels in your body (veins, capillaries, arteries, etc) laid end to end it would make up to 60,000 miles. This is enough to circle planet earth TWO TIMES. How can that be? Your body is truly magical and the fact that YOU can live it is such a beautiful miracle.

When you find yourself saying anything negative about you or others remind yourself of this. Remember how INSANE this world is. How complex and amazing your body is. How hating and disrespecting it is truly a horrific crime. How can we possibly hate something so wonderful?

2. Read BOOKS.

Educate yourself on self-love and read books about loving your body. Follow people that portray all different kinds of bodies and that advocate body positivity. Remember that no matter who you are you have ‘imperfections’ (whatever that means). Do not compare yourself to falsity. Unfollow people that make you feel bad, I don’t care who they are.

3. Provide your body with all the nutrients.

I truly believe that eating terribly and being sedentary is a form of self-harm. Your body cannot flourish/ grow/ live in an environment lacking in everything it requires. You feel terrible and an unhealthy diet does NOT help with a good image of self.

Loving your body is much easier if you are giving it what it needs. I do not care what you look like. A healthy body and mind is a happy body and mind. It is impossible to be truly happy while being physically abusive to your body; the only thing keeping you alive.

4. Compliment YOU.

Focus on the things you love not the things you hate. There is an ABUNDANCE of beautiful things about you. You are amazing. Tell yourself that and believe it. Being your own best friend is the best feeling in the world. Stop fighting with yourself, you will never win.

5. Exercise

Move your body because you need it, because without it your body suffers. Your body is made to move, and it loves to. Exercise has been proven to increase self-esteem and hormones associated with happiness. There is really nothing to lose.


We all go so fast all the time. We literally never get a break. Your brain can’t handle it and it does nothing for your image of self. Slow down, read a book, stop looking at your phone. Remind yourself of how absolutely amazing you are, think about your goals, your aspirations, BREATHE.

Life is so much more than this. You can live the life of your dreams and it all starts with you. Today is the day. Go on, be your own best friend πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, as always.

Mairi x

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