My Meaning of Health

A healthy body and mind has become something very complicated and difficult to navigate. I believe we must all create our very own meaning of health. To me physical and mental health are equal, if anything mental well-being is more important than physical. This is a difficult topic and no one knows the answer. So here’s my version.

We’re only on this earth for a short period, I say that we make the most of everything life has in store for us and for as long as possible. Mental health is of upmost importance. If you are mentally suffering your body is too and so is everything else. If you are reading this and feeling unable to cope, please reach out for help and know that nothing is permanent. It will get better. Phone your local Samaritans or reach help in any way you can.

Good mental health is a crucial part of living a happy, successful life. Please before considering any type of lifestyle or diet change, first, focus on your mental health. Listen to your body and it’s emotions. Get them out , write them down, anything non-destructive that will allow you to feel hope and relief. Mediate. Understand the things in your life causing you pain or discomfort. Find ways to remove these destructive things, people and habits from your life.

You will always be the most important person in your life. It is your primary concern to love, respect and be kind to your mind and body. You are loved. You are a beautiful human being. You are a miracle. Treat yourself that way.

Please don’t ignore your inner thoughts and feelings. Listen to them and adapt.

You should change small things in your life that are sustainable. Start by eating more veg. Drinking more water. Small changes make a difference and add up. Let’s stop removing and restricting, let’s try adding in the good stuff and lessening the bad.

Start with the belief that your health is important. To eat and drink foods and beverages that are harmful is a form of self-harm and it’s disrespectful to the beautiful body you have. Give your body nutrients because you are good enough, because you are worthy of nutrition and food! Your body needs fed. Eat well for you, for your future career goals for your future health for your future children and children’s children.

Eating a healthy diet and living a active lifestyle goes much deeper than a slim body. Living this way is to love and care for you, the human within. What is eaten today affects tomorrow. Affects your brain and your body and the way it functions. To eat well is to bring goodness into your life and open up a world of opportunities.

Make a start today. Whether it’s taking steps to improve your mental health or physical a small change towards something incredible speaks volumes in your life. The more changes the more you will notice. It will totally and utterly change your life. I promise you.

You are deserving of everything you could ever dream of and you best believe you can get there because it’s more than possible. You must believe. Take care of your mind and body and live the best life you can.

All of this uncertainty but I know this. A life of abuse to your body and mind in way of food, drink and mental suffering is a life merely suboptimal to what the human function was created to be. There’s more than this. There’s better than this.

Thank you for reading. As always, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Mairi x

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