The Most Underrated Activity for Health!

How to Make Your Walk Work Harder | Fitness Hack | Healthy

It’s WALKING! Yes, you heard that right. Walking is extremely beneficial for mental and physical health. Walking more will surprise you with its benefits and it does not even feel like exercise!

Walking regularly can help prevent diseases associated with heart and lung health such as cardiovascular disease. It can prevent the development of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke. It is an effective way to manage issues with joints, arthritis, and pains as it is a less vigorous and intense form of exercise.

Unlike running, you can walk for much longer, burn much more calories, reduce sedentary behaviour, reap more of the health benefits associated with exercise and you might actually enjoy it! You can walk with friends, family or on your own. Walking can also improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve self-esteem and overall mood.

Walking may even be considered as a more effective way of exercising than running. Running is a very vigorous exercise that puts the body and joints under great strain. Running is great for the health of the heart and lungs and is a very effective form of exercise. However, running excessively and without any other form of exercise such as resistance training, may not be considered the most effective movement for your health.

Thousands of years ago when survival was the main concern, you would only run when in danger. Running would not be a part of daily movement. Walking for food, for water, cooking, they were constantly moving and that is why they were so healthy. Not because they ran for 30 minutes a day. Due to the fact that the health of the population thousands of years ago is the opposite to our modern day, I think we should be adopting more of their habits.

Running is not the most effective way to exercise, there are many effective ways. You DO NOT need to force yourself to run if you hate it or prefer another type of exercise. Even if you hate exercise, make walking a daily part of your life. Walk to the shops, walk anywhere. Stop driving or taking the bus to places you could easily walk. This will not only make you feel better, physically, and mentally it will help with weight management, weight loss and overall health. Save money and use your legs!

Thank you for reading.

Mairi πŸ™‚

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