Vegetable Oil is Killing Us. Remove it from your Diet NOW.

The Best and Worst Oils for People With Diabetes

“Good and Bad Fats”, What does that really mean? Saturated, unsaturated, cholesterol. We really have heard it all. What fats should you be eating and what fats should you avoid at all costs?

I have touched on this before that fat has been wrongly demonised in our diets to causing many health issues such as heart attacks. We have all heard of the dangers of saturated fats and cholesterol. In reality BOTH saturated fat and cholesterol are essential nutrients in our bodies.

We need both saturated fat (cheese, egg yolks, red meats) and unsaturated fat (olive oil, avocado, raw nuts). We simply need MORE unsaturated fat (omega 3) than we do saturated (omega 6). The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 should be 5:1. That is why saturated fat has been labelled the “bad fat”. Of course, too much saturated fat and too little unsaturated will cause issues in your body. You should be getting majority of your dietary fat from unsaturated sources.

Cholesterol is an essential nutrient within the body that plays a vital role in cell membranes and is a building block for many human tissues. Eggs, butter, milk, you name it has had its time to shine in the cholesterol argument. Again, it is NOT the main culprit causing our epidemic in heart disease. High levels of cholesterol is not causing your bad heart health, vegetable oil is.


  1. Olive oil
  2. Peanut oil
  3. Butter (I am telling the truth!)
  4. Macadamia nut oil
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Animal fats


  1. Canola oil
  2. Soy oil
  3. Sunflower oil
  4. Cottonseed oil
  5. Corn oil
  6. Grapeseed oil
  7. Safflower oil
  8. Non-butter spreads such as margarine. (Referred to as “one molecule away from plastic” – animals will not eat it)

These toxic fats become unstable when heated or processed. Processing distorts the fatty acids in vegetable oil. Within the body once these oils have been ingested our enzymes pick up these fatty acids that have been distorted and they can’t let them go. This inability to let the fatty acids go affects the normal functioning of the cell so profoundly that it can KILL your cells.

We need many cells to survive. If you have a diet rich in vegetable oils (eating many fried foods, chippy’s, takeaway foods, processed foods, sugary foods, margarine) eventually it will disrupt your cells basic functioning such as blood circulation or your body’s ability to fight infection. This can and will eventually KILL YOU.

If you consume lots of vegetable oil and consume little or no fruits and vegetables, you are putting your body at serious risk. Your brain is HIGHLY susceptible to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages your cells via free radicals when there are no antioxidants to fight against it. Antioxidants are abundant in fruit and veg.

It is imperative that you look at your diet and remove these oils. Switch your oils to olive oil, have butter instead of margarine. It is not a sacrifice. Olive oil is highly nutritious and tastes delicious. You will feel 100 times better and enjoy your food more. Oh and, EAT YOUR FRUIT AND VEG!

If you take one thing from my blogs make it be this! Even if you think you do not eat much vegetable oil, you probably do. It is in everything. READ LABELS AND AVOID THESE OILS.

If you want to read more about the dangers of vegetable oil. “Deep Nutrition” by Catherine Shanahan covers an abundance of issues surrounding it.

We are manipulated in this world into eating foods so horrific for our health. Bring awareness to these issues in your life and save yourself from premature death and illness in the future. You can feel and look AMAZING by treating your body the way it deserves to be treated.

Thank You

Mairi x

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