The Importance of Rest

Why rest is essential to achieve entrepreneurial success and ...

In our busy lives it feels as if there is no end to our to do lists. We are CONSTANTLY doing something, scrolling through social media, earning a living, talking, cleaning, watching TV. We need to rest, recuperate, and reflect.

Most of the time I don’t realise how busy I am and the effects it is having on my mind. Feelings of fatigue, being overwhelmed, fed up are all signs that you need to stop and have a look at your life and how it is making you feel.

Your brain and body doesn’t need constant stimulating. Sometimes the best way to relax and rest is to do nothing. Take some time to sit and think or don’t think, no phone or device, a meditative state if you like.

Meditation is amazing for this, breaking the constant noise and busyness of everyday life. Apps like Headspace and Calm are great beginner’s meditation apps that guide you through the process of meditation.

When you are ill or have had bad news or just feel not yourself, DO NOT just push on. Stop and rest. Your mind and body talk to you. All you have to do is listen.

Life isn’t easy and it never will be. Good and bad is a part of living and even through sometimes it feels impossible without the bad there cannot be good.

If you are struggling through life just now, understand that this is temporary. Look and listen to what is going on in your life and body. Ask yourself, how am I coping with this? How am I coping with life? It is EASY to deal with pain and negative emotions in an unhealthy way. It is EASY to bury your sorrows and not feel them. It might be easier now, but you will suffer from this action.

FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS. Listen to your body and REST. Check in with yourself and work through these issues in your life. Don’t ignore them.

You are perfect and strong and beautiful. You can do anything. Don’t look at taking a break as a waste of time or efforts. IT IS REQUIRED.

As always, this is temporary, take it easy on yourself.

Mairi x

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