Italian Cuisine| The BEST Food

Pizza and pasta!! We all love it. There is nothing more enjoyable than a big bowl of pasta or a slice or 5 of pizza. Italian food is rich in carbohydrate and fat. Two macronutrients that have been given a bad reputation when it comes to health. Let me convince you otherwise.

Italian food is hands down my favourite food to eat and I eat pasta and pizza regularly. I work at a little Italian pasta shop called Nonna’s Pasta and a pizza shop called Pizza Vara in Fife. These shops are owned by the most amazing Italian family that make THE BEST FOOD EVER. I have learned more about food and cooking in this past year than I have done in 19 years and I am forever grateful for it.

Garlic, olive oil, tomato, seafood, vegetables upon vegetables and more, Italian food is one of the most satisfying and healthy foods you can eat. These foods are high in carbohydrates, if chosen the right carbohydrate – whole wheat and non refined this food will be nothing but nutritious and DELICIOUS.

Unrefined carbohydrate such as whole wheat pasta and dough are rich in fibre, energy and many nutrients. These types of carbohydrates should make up to 38% of a healthy diet, just under vegetables that are 40% of a healthy diet.

Fat has been demonised by the food industry for decades. The sugar industry and experts in this field have been linking fat to heart disease and many other chronic diseases for as long as we can remember. To debunk this myth that has trolled the media and our beliefs for some time, fat isn’t the problem and it never has been. The industry and the government can’t really go back on their word now. “The false information based on very unrealisable scientific evidence we have fed you for decades is wrong. Sorry about that.” It’s not going to happen. (Some amazing books on this topic – ‘The case against sugar’ and ‘In defence of food’)

Refined sugar and refined carbohydrates have been linked and are the likely cause of every westernised disease we have today. A high intake of refined sugars is linked to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome in which are ALL linked to chronic diseases and obesity. Refined sugar is horrific for your body.

We have been told to fear saturated fat. In reality we need both saturated fat (omega 6) and unsaturated fat (omega 3). We just need more unsaturated than we do saturated. Stop fearing the fat in foods. Your body needs it and it’s what makes food taste GOOD!

My message to you today is eat FOOD and eat ITALIAN FOOD. High carb (unrefined), high fat and even high calories by no means = bad for you. You can eat high calorie foods as long as you eat a little bit less of it to prevent overeating.

Enjoy the food you eat and eat the food you enjoy! Food is meant to be pleasurable and delicious. A healthy diet is one that is enjoyable.

Come to Nonna’s pasta tonight or Pizza Vara!

As always, thank you for reading. Follow for more.

Mairi x

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