How to Fall in Love with Yourself!

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In today’s society we are conditioned to hate our bodies and ourselves. Why? It is the perfect money- making scheme. We have been taught to hate ourselves so that business can offer us a way out, a quick fix to these insufferable insecurities that we so desperately want to fix. Something so simple as your dress size seems to determine our worth, our happiness.

I say NO MORE. Insecurity is totally and completely irrational. It is NEVER based on logic. Why does your waist need to be smaller? Why do you need to get rid of your “bingo wings”? Why do you need to be taller, smaller, wider, slimmer?

The only logical reason to change your body is for your health. THAT’S IT. Health doesn’t always look the way you think it will.

These are the images that come up when you search “healthy women” “healthy man”. Stereotypically, this is what we are led to believe when we talk about healthy men and women.

Habits of Healthy Women |
What is a healthy body fat percentage? - Qardio

Most definitely you will find pictures of people running (no other sports) and in a beautiful area or beach. The women are abnormally thin. For some people this is what healthy looks like. However, for the majority it’s NOT AND THAT’S NORMAL.

Health looks different and comes in many shapes and sizes.

6 Women, 6 Different Shapes, Wearing the Same Size Bikini ...

This stereotype has led you hating parts of you that there is nothing wrong with. Love yourself and your body at every stage of life. Your body and what it looks like does NOT define your worth, your happiness or your success.

Why do you give these insecurities power to take away your happiness, turn a good day into a bad one, stop you from achieving your goals?

Your insecurities are holding you back from becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

SO, how do we love our bodies and ourselves?


You have the privilege to be ALIVE. The privilege to have a body that is functioning. Be grateful for this gift. Our bodies are incredible things. As women we are able to create LIFE inside of our bodies and we have everything we need to do it! Isn’t that just crazy!! How can we hate a body and a mind so capable of such amazing things and such complex feelings? The next time you say or think something negative about yourself, say three things that you’re grateful for.

2. Eat healthy and exercise

This is a must. How can we love ourselves while poisoning our bodies and minds? Eat to fuel your body not to slow it down. Move to challenge your body. It is worth everything and more. You can make the change TODAY. (I have written previous blogs about healthy eating and exercise- have a read if you are interested :))

3. Become comfortable with your body and the parts you dislike.

Look in the mirror and BAN any negative words. This is hard but important. Stare your insecurities in the face and tell yourself what you love about your body and you. Becoming comfortable with what you see in the mirror and loving it regardless is essential! Write down your insecurities and ask yourself, Are they worth your happiness? Do they have the power to hold you back? Then rip up the paper, burn it, destroy it!

4. Understand that negative feelings towards your body/ you might be telling you something.

Sometimes feelings like this can be a distraction from another issue in your life that you might be subconsciously running from. Talk to yourself and understand what is bothering you, what is happening right now? Feel your emotions.

5. Limit how much you go on social media

Social media can drain you and make you feel INSECURE. In general, too much exposure to social media and your phone isn’t great. For your mental and physical health this will help.

6. Tell yourself every day what you love instead of what you dislike.

You are beautiful and amazing. There’s much to love. You can do anything and be anything. Don’t let something so simple as an insecurity get in your way. We cannot let society win!

Love what is uniquely yours! It will change your life.

Start now!

Thank you for reading. Follow for more 🙂

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