Healthy Habits: Stay at Home Edition!

The Best Healthy Habits You Can Acquire for Eating, Fitness and ...

It’s more important than ever to be keeping healthy and practising healthy habits. We aren’t sure how long this pandemic and lock-down is going to last. We must keep our sanity in this time!!

Physical Health

Just because we are all at home doesn’t mean that saying healthy changes or becomes less important. There are many ways in which we can stay healthy and fit at home!


At this time exercise is a fantastic excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. It seems that the options we have is cycling, walking and running. These activities are all enjoyable and great for the body. Try and get out once a day or every other day for some cardio like this. Walk to the shops, run a mile, cycle, walk up a hill.

Getting outside is important for your mental health too. Being stuck inside can be damaging to your mind. Getting some exercise and fresh air will boost your mood and make you feel productive and happy!

If you cannot go outside try running/walking up and down the stairs, do some housework, do some gardening, try and take a break from long periods of sitting down.

There are lots that you can do to stay healthy in this time. Your body will thank you!

Strength Training

Resistance training is important for your bone and muscle health, especially in old age. Not everyone has access to a gym or weights at home so what can we do?

You can use things such as cans or water bottles for weights, or just anything that adds resistance to the exercise. It’s important that when performing exercises with little weight that you perform the exercise until failure. This means that you do enough reps to the point where its too difficult to do anymore. You want to stop around 2/3 reps before you cannot go any more. This type of training is optimal for preventing muscle loss.

If you find yourself doing far too many reps until failure. You can try unilateral exercises where you just use one leg/ one arm. This will make the exercise harder.

Some exercises you can try:

  1. Squats
Squats - The King of Exercises? | The Physio Lounge Blog
  1. Lunges
The Walking Lunge - YouTube
  1. Hip thrusts
Barbell Hip Thrust
  1. Push Ups
What is the best time of day to do push-ups and why? - Quora
  1. Leg raises
Leg Raises
  1. Crunches
4 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Crunches | Fitness 19 Gyms

It is important to prevent being sedentary all day. This is dangerous for your health. Taking breaks from long periods of sitting or lying down will help.


Your diet shouldn’t change much. In this time, it can be easy to overeat. Have 3 nutritious meals in the day all with a portion of fruit and veg. Snack on fruits and vegetables, whole grains etc. Drink plenty of water. Hunger pangs can sometimes be dehydration.

Don’t overthink about your diet at this time. Eat as you normally would, add in fruit and veg. Now is not the time, nor ever, to over obsess about your eating habits.

Mental Health

This is a very difficult time for everyone, especially people with anxiety, depression etc. It is important that you are aware of your mental health and the way you feel about everything that is happening.

Take some time every day to listen to what you are feeling. Write down what you feel today and understand them. You must listen to your emotions and process them. It is impossible to have good mental health and ignore your feelings.

  1. Try to stay away from overexposure to social media/ news.

Of course, it is important to listen to the news and understand everything that is going on. However, too much exposure to this might cause unnecessary anxieties and concerns that will make you unhappy. Social media can also have this effect. Spending too much time on your phone can make you feel unproductive and mostly unhappy. Limit excessive exposure of your phone.

2. Read a book/ watch a feel-good film.

Do things that make you happy. With a lot of our enjoyments taken away it’s important that you are still doing things that you enjoy.

Ask yourself what you like to do? Or what you have always wanted to do? Give it a shot, fulfil your passions, do something fun and creative.

3. Keep in contact with your loved ones.

These people make you happy. Call them!

4. Keep your home/space clean and tidy.

Cleaning has many positive benefits. Especially just now keeping your environment clean is important but also incredible for your mental health. Living in a mess is only going to make you feel bad and unproductive. Make a point of tidying up every day.

5. You don’t need to lose weight in quarantine.

I hear everyone talking about how they must come out of quarantine fit and healthy or have lost a stone. This is dangerous. Too much pressure on yourself at this time will only lead to destruction. Adopting healthy habits for your body and mind. 100%!! Don’t put a weight loss goal or unachievable expectations on yourself. There is enough stress going on in your head.

Allow this time to heal you. Allow this time to embrace boredom and be creative/ cook something/ have fun. Use this time to do things you never normally have time to do. Use this time to benefit you.

This will all end. Everything that is happening in your life will come to an end. Suffering is never permanent. You have the power to be happy! Take it!

I hope everyone is safe at this time.

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives - News - Brentford FC

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