Our Society That Controls Us!

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Our society and its influences are affecting our lives and our behaviours more than what you would think. Social media and societal pressures impact our everyday lives and majority of the time it has a negative impact on your day.

Our society: driven by people that have money, followed by people who don’t. Money, a man-made concept that controls and determines our lives, our happiness, our worth.

We all have to make money. From childhood, our lives have been centred around our abilities to write, to read, to understand numbers. Since the age of 3 years old we have been educated and taught in the hope that we will be smart enough to make money.

Our whole education system isn’t about learning or sparking passion in children, it’s about preparing them to become a part of a society that needs these future adults to work. To suffer through an unsatisfying job that makes them hate their every day and look forward to the weekend, where they can fill their stomachs with substances.

It’s the only way in which we can be happy, right? We’re MEANT to hate our jobs, right? We’re meant to suffer, right? Our only happiness is meant to come from alcohol, drugs and food, right?

We have been taught in school that we MUST understand maths and English in order to do well in life. In order to get into university. Then you will be successful.

We were never taught that there is a topic or multiple topics that we will be passionate about. That you will be AMAZING at and that you will LOVE learning about.

We were never taught that life can be enjoyable. We have had suffering and impossible standards drilled into us since day one. It has had a horrific effect on our population.

They wonder why depression, anxiety, eating disorders and mental illness are on the rise. WE AREN’T HAPPY. We were never taught that it was an option.

Maths and English are NOT the only way to be successful, but what would we know?

We were not designed to live this way. This is a waste of the greatest gift. BREAK FREE FROM SOCIETIES GRIP ON YOUR LIFE.

The way the majority of us live.

  1. A job you kind of like but it isn’t what your passionate about and majority of the time your happiness comes from when you are not working or on holiday.
  2. Unhealthy eating and living are deemed impossible and normal. Therefore, we aren’t healthy and paying for it.
  3. Alcohol is a large part of our lives and a means if not the only mean, of enjoyment.
  4. We feel tired and unmotivated.
  5. We dislike our appearance and who we are/what we are doing in life.

We DON’T need to suffer. You don’t need to hate your whole life, you, your every day.


It doesn’t matter how difficult it seems. How far away. MAKE GOALS AND MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

WHATEVER YOU WANT IN THIS LIFE, IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. It will be difficult. The acknowledgement of living a life that is perusing your goals is enough satisfaction.

You can do it! You are wonderful.

We have been DESIGNED. We are an incredible species. We have unlimited ability.

What life do you want to life? What do you want to be remembered by? Do you want to be remembered for being like everyone else in this society? Or do you want to stand out, be different, SMASH your goals and live a life that you enjoy?




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