Body Positivity!

Throughout the years the “ideal body type” has changed drastically. These changes in body types are widely variable. Due to this, attaining the ideal is physically impossible. Every one in this world is given one body in which cannot be drastically changed. We must learn to love it, love the body that only you have the pleasure to keep.

Ancient Egypt (c. 1292 – 1069 B.C.)

Image result for Ancient Egypt (c. 1292 – 1069 B.C.) body type image
  • slim
  • narrow shoulders
  • high waist
  • symmetrical

Ancient Greece (c. 500 – 300 B.C.)

beauty standards
  • Plump
  • Full bodied
  • light skin

Han Dynasty (c. 206 B.C. – 220 A.D.)

beauty standards
  • slim
  • pale skin
  • large eyes
  • small feet

Italian Renaissance (c. 1400 – 1700)

beauty standards
  • round stomach
  • full hips
  • pale skin
  • large breasts

Victorian England (c. 1837 – 1901)

beauty standards
  • plump
  • full figure
  • cinched waist

Roaring Twenties (c. 1920s)

beauty standards
  • flat chest
  • small waist
  • short hair
  • boyish figure

Golden Age Of Hollywood (c. 1930s – 1950s)

beauty standards
  • curvy
  • hourglass figure
  • large breasts
  • slim waist

Swinging Sixties (c. 1960s)

beauty standards
  • thin
  • adolescents physiue

Supermodel Era (c. 1980s)

beauty standards
  • athletic
  • curvy
  • tall
  • toned arms

Heroin Chic (c. 1990s)

beauty standards
  • extremely thin
  • translucent skin
  • wafish

Postmodern Beauty (c. 2000s – Today)

beauty standards
  • flat stomach
  • “healthy skin”
  • large breasts
  • large butt
  • thigh gap


The main point here is that beauty is forever changing! Beauty isn’t one singular look. The beauty standards we face today isn’t what is attractive to everyone. Most importantly its unattainable.

Our bodies exist for many things. From a biological standpoint, women’s body’s are created and function solely to procreate. The women’s body functions perfectly and exists wonderfully to sustain life. This is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated.

Due to these ever-changing beauty standards the main and most important thing to remember is that a HEALTHY BODY IS A BEAUTIFUL ONE.

These is no reasonable explanation to why these standards exist and why we idolise bug butts and big boobs. It doesn’t make really, any sense. However, this is what the average women and more importantly children are looking up to.

The way to sustain this ideal is either through exercise (to a very limited extent) and also surgery.

There is no way that you will ever look like this, to a tea, without surgery and even then you wouldn’t be satisfied with how we look because again, beauty is non constant and highly variable.

Surgery is a self esteem issue. When a person wants surgery it is because they are not happy with a certain aspect of their body and want to permanently change it. What a vain concept. Most surgery is not beneficial to health, its not essential to health. It is simply because of low self esteem.

Surgery is dangerous and will be in many ways permanent. We are given a body that functions wonderfully. Altering it for the sake of a irrational beauty standard that will change in the next ten years is ludicrous!

We must love ourselves and the bodies that are uniquely ours. Practice becoming a healthier, more accomplished you. Focus on yourself, focus on bettering you. Focus on your self esteem and building it.

Self confident women don’t want surgery, they are BEAUTIFUL and they know it. You are beautiful. Work on knowing it.

Beauty is undeniable in a healthy, positive and confident women. Have you ever noticed that a women that is undeniably self conscious is so unattractive no matter how they look? Even if they fit the beauty standards? Have you ever looked at a confident women and thought how incredible she looked and how much you admired her, even if she didn’t fit these standards. I have!

Because REAL BEAUTY comes from within and radiated externally. Real beauty is health and confidence and a positive mindset: it is the belief that you are wonderful and beautiful and that you deserve the world. Work on how you feel about yourself. Work on loving yourself and becoming confident in you and nothing but love and joy will come your way.


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