We need help!

We are a struggling nation, in many aspects, we are a dying nation. We rely on substance for pleasure, a non-constant, unreliable source. Societal roles and pressures have created a reality that relies on manipulation of the masses. The government’s main income is derived from the addictions and desires of the public. Our nation is run by a system that only discredits us as living individuals. There are three aspects to our society that control, manipulate and render YOU powerless to your own mind and body.


First of all. Forget EVERYTHING you have ever known about nutrition, fitness and anything health related.

Contrary to popular opinion, living a healthy lifestyle is NOT difficult in fact it comes naturally to the human body, if not disrupted by addiction. Our government and society has instilled within us a ludicrous way of life and destructive cycle of negativity upon our own body’s and minds that ensures the economy profits and not YOU.

Many attributes to our modern day world are incredibly destructive in your life. Social media: a way to share and communicate with the population. It has become a platform for everyone to share selective parts of their lives and a gold mine for making LOTS of money. What we see on social media is almost always in some way bending the truth or making things seem much better than it is. Something that is incredibly detrimental to the mind. If not every post on Instagram or Facebook makes you feel terrible about yourself or in envy of another. Social media especially has created an ideal body and perfect image that is admired by everyone in some way. Leaving everyone who doesn’t meet these impossible standards feeling unworthy, unattractive or simply just not good enough. These feelings that everyone has is a profit margin for the government and companies who want to exploit you. Once a person feels unworthy they tend to look for ways to compensate and diminish this feeling. Then there are adverts popping up saying “how to loose weight in two weeks” “how to look like this celebrity” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. A perfectly planned out money making scheme that will simply never fail. How many times have you bought a shake or diet program or waist trainer or diet pills guaranteeing you loose weight or go on a highly advertised diet that is impossible to attain? How many times have you been left worse off by these schemes? ALWAYS.

People want to make money off of you no matter what the moral consequence is. MONEY IS ALWAYS THE END GOAL AS EVERYONE NEEDS TO MAKE IT. . Its time we take back control.

What society has instilled into us.

  1. Exercise is too hard; it takes up too much time and energy.
  2. Very few people enjoy exercise, and even then, it’s too difficult to maintain long-term.
  3. Eating healthy is unsustainable and unachievable.
  4. Healthy foods and meals don’t taste nice and isn’t something that could be implemented in every day life.

What is the truth?

  1. Exercise is invigorating, ENJOYABLE AND A NECESSITY TO HUMAN LIFE.
  2. Everyone is capable of enjoying exercise, the body and mind was made to move, be active; it’s what the body CRAVES. Not everyone enjoys the gym or running. There are endless ways in which a person can exercise and MOVE, exercise isn’t defined by sport its simply moving your body and challenging your body whatever which way you enjoy it. You have to find what exercise you ENJOY. There is plenty and you don’t necessarily have to pay for it or even leave your house.
  3. Eating healthy is COMPULSORY for human life; a functioning and thriving body must be fuelled. In order for your body to serve you and be capable for anything you must provide the necessary nutrients in order for it to do so. Without this destructive and poisonous way of living, there would be next to NO disease it would be RARE. The human body was created to fight off disease; give the body what it needs, fuel the body with the correct nutrients. It can fight of any disease or illness. THE HUMAN BODY CAN HEAL ANYTHING, ITS WHAT IT IS MADE TO DO, LET YOUR BODY BE AS INCREDIBLE AS IT IS, AS IT SHOULD BE.
  4. Society has instilled into us that healthy food cannot taste nice. Chicken, rice and asparagus isn’t the only way to eat healthy! The human body needs a certain amount of micro and macro nutrients every day. When it doesn’t get enough the body becomes sluggish and tired as its working tirelessly to extract vitamins from the food you consume when there is none to extract. Living in such an unhealthy manner WILL catch up to you. Your body cannot focus on the things YOU need it to do, the things you care about. As humans, we are given a wonderful gift of life and a human body (in most cases) that functions perfectly and incredibly. All that is required from us is fuel. The REAL function of food is not pleasure or to sustain addictions. We must use the plentiful supply of food and endless resources to our advantage. If you FEED your body the correct way you will thrive and flourish in every aspect of your life. I guarantee it.

Thank you very much for reading. Let me know what you think and follow my blog so you can see when i post 🙂

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