About Me

My name is Mairi Gardner, i am 18 years old and i am currently in my second year of university, studying fitness, nutrition and health. I am using this blog mainly as a place to share my opinions, thoughts and feelings on the many complex and controversial subjects about health as a whole and what is wrong in our society and government. I am very passionate about nutrition and health, more specifically nutrition and fitness and what i can do to improve our ever-growing epidemic involved in this subject. The main goal that i want to achieve is to make a big difference to the way people view their own health but also play a positive role in public health. Ultimately, i would like to make it easy for everyone to achieve and live the life they want and deserve; a healthy and happy one! Blogging is one of the many ways i hope to do so. I hope you enjoy reading and that it brings some clarity to you in an industry of chaos. Thank you 🙂

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