Sugar Addiction

Refined sugar and its grip on the population is driving our obesity epidemic, eating disorders, self esteem issues, ensuring a loss of control over your own mind and body and causing many issues surrounding our declining health. Sugar and its toxicity is the world’s best kept secret and this has to change.

There are two types of sugars (metaphorically speaking).

  1. Natural sugar
  2. Refined and processed sugar

Sources of Natural Sugar

  • honey (pure)
  • maple syrup (pure)
  • fruit
  • vegetables (sweet potato, etc)
  • fruit juices
  • milk

Sources of Refined Sugar

  • chocolate
  • sweets
  • crisps
  • cake
  • processed foods of all kinds – packed ready meals, packaged sandwiches, wraps
  • If the food is packaged, processed, marketed or advertised the probability of sugar being added into the food is very, VERY high.

Natural sugars such as fructose, sucrose, maltose, lactose all are different types of natural sugars. These sugars are not manufactured into foods they simply exist within the food naturally. Refined sugar is this same sugar that has been chemically extracted from these foods or from the sugar beet and added to processed foods in large quantities. You couldn’t possibly eat enough naturally occurring sugar to cause the body harm.

Consuming large quantities of refined sugar is toxic and addictive to the body and brain. The same process of yielding sugar from sugar beet is almost exactly the same process as the extraction of cocaine from coca, in which highly adds to the addictiveness of cocaine: one of the most notorious drugs in existence. A study conducted on rats in which were already addicted to cocaine shown that when the rats were given sugar they actually preferred the sugar over the cocaine: a substance that they couldn’t refuse.

The body has an inherent desire for sweet tasting foods, an instinct that has been built into the human body to ensure the consumption of micronutrients. Fruits are very high in vitamins and minerals and their sweet taste is linked in the brain to the consumption of vitamin C. At a time where food was unknown to us, mechanisms like this allowed us to eat the right foods. This is the only reason why you like chocolate and addiction is the only reason why you continue to eat it.

Almost every food manufacturer adds refined sugar to there products no matter what type of food it is, sweet or not. Why? One very simple answer. Sugar is highly addictive. Manufacturers know that if they add sugar to their food you will buy it again regardless of taste as your brain knows that this is a source of sugar, ensuring a supply of refined sugar to the body and its addictive mind.

“The alcohol of the child” a disturbing, yet realistic statement. Sugar addiction is our biggest addiction GLOBALLY. Everyone consumes sugar, even children, even infants, even baby’s.

Majority of the western world i would argue all, are addicted to sugar.

Ask yourself this.

  • When was the last time you craved chocolate, crisps, processed foods such as pizza, etc?
  • When was the last time something like this was put in front of you and you found it too hard to refuse regardless of how hungry you were?
  • When was the last time you said “there is always room for dessert” when you were already too full? or ate less food just so you could eat dessert?

What is your answer? Yesterday? Today? Five minutes ago? Are you craving it now?

Refined sugar is the one thing that the body has absolutely no requirement for yet we still eat it everyday, every meal. Why?

The Good News

The countless times that you have struggled to cut down on food or control your weight and fail is NOT YOUR FAULT and NO REFLECTION ON YOU.

You are one of the many people battling with an uncontrollable, unrecognised addiction.

Despite its global scale sugar addiction isn’t hard to beat. You simply stop eating it and once you stop, you just don’t want it.

What happens when you stop eating refined sugar?

  1. Control over your appetite.
  2. The unshiftable cravings for chocolate/ crisps etc goes away.
  3. You bloat less.
  4. You are energetic and less tired.
  5. Healthier and whiter teeth.
  6. Clearer, glowing skin.
  7. Lose weight and prevent obesity.
  8. A functioning and healthy body and mind.
  9. And many, many more benefits..

The best possible outcome would be that everyone lived without eating refined sugar and the benefits that you would receive is tremendous. However, restriction and cutting foods out of the diet can be dangerous for a lot of people. Health is the number one outcome of everything i write. Health is dependant on many things, mental well being playing a crucial role in this. It is important to not get caught up in the technicalities.

Start with AWARENESS. Awareness is the number one most important thing in these topics. Become aware of the issues that eating refined sugar causes, become interested in your own body and giving it what it deserves. You are important and worthy and you and your body deserves to be treated with respect not abused.

Cutting out refined sugar completely is challenging and it is important to take it in steps. If you are interested in this and would like some more information i would love to help. You can email me at or leave a comment below. Thank you. Follow for more 🙂

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